NaviAddress ICO

NaviAddress ICO is compelete

The new digital decentralised address platform powered by blockchain

Addresses serve a wide spectrum of fundamental functions that include:
• Representation of a location (addresses are the most widely used means of doing so)
• Representation of a well-defined space where human or business activities take place and which has an economic value and a social role
• Provision of a physical building location, particularly for cities with a complex structure
• Building identification as endpoints of a postal system;
• Third dimension representation;
• Parameterization of data for statistics collection (censustaking, insurance and more);
• And even social status signalling; Considering their importance, accessibility to and reliability of information relating to such addresses are key. Moreover, in today’s connected, globalized world, the need for a comprehensive, functional and universal addressing system has become even more pressing.

Many attempts have been made throughout history to put in place such a system but, to this day, none has succeeded. Naviaddress seeks to change this.

-Information from NaviAddress’ whitepaper

NaviAddress ICO Information

Token SymbolNVT
TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token (what is ERC 20 Token)
Token Supply1 billion NVT
Token Sale Supply500 million NVT
Purchase Rate1 NVT = $0.05 USD
Currency Accepted ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
ICO Participants50%
Developers & Partners Reserve20%
Company Reserve20%

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