Payportal Platform

Blockchain-based Digital Finance Solution for the Indian Economy.

The Payportal platform aims to create a dApp for the Indian economy that facilitates service bill payments and peer-to-peer money transfers through a single platform. Their goal is to save consumers time and decreasing the complexity of payment processes. This dApp will be accessible for both mobile and desktop devices.

 Payportal Platform – The Problems

  • In India, people often need to pay their service bills such as those for electricity and TV licenses in retail outlets, which often only accommodate payments for a limited range of these services.
  • They are also limited to the number of pay stations, in the form of mobile handsets, and sim-card balances with which to conduct transactions on behalf of consumers.
  • Money transfers to and from India through banks are often:
    • complicated to set up,
    • entail long waits in bank queues,
    • incur high transfer and conversion fees,
    • and receipt of transfers are delayed.
  • Agents fees are also expensive and can be less reliable and trustworthy than banks.

Payportal Platform – The Solution

  • The Payportal platform offers a central hub for consumer bill payments and transactions to a wide spectrum of service providers, thereby decreasing intermediary payment fees, and time-wasting inefficiencies.
  • Retailers offering mobile transaction services can now conduct payments and top-ups more easily and securely than previously.
  • Overseas workers can buy PPTL tokens on the Payportal platform and can then elect to send the desired amount to be automatically converted into rupees and directly transferred to the desired account in India. This will allow them to bypass banks and the associated transfer and conversion fees, as well as the queues.
  • The Playportal platform is already operational and aligned with Indian legal requirements.
  • All payments are transparent, traceable and quick, thereby providing platform users with instant reassurance that their payments and transactions were conducted correctly.
  • Payportal offers low transfer and conversion fees.
  • All user data will be encrypted and stored on the blockchain, thereby making it decentralized. This will provide protection against bad actors.

Payportal platform


Payportal Platform’s PPTL Token Utility

  • Cross-border money transfers will be conducted with PPTL.
  • All platform fees will be charged in PPTL.
  • All platform services will require PPTL, such as account creation and loans.
  • Distributors will need to conduct payments on behalf of customers in PPTL.
  • Service providers will need to the Payportal platform in PPTL for commission and subscription charges.
  • Private customers can conduct transfers and payments in either PPTL or fiat currencies.

Payportal platform

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ICO Details

Total Supply:
20 Million PPTL
Platform: Ethereum
For Sale:
14.5 Million PPTL
Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 24,000 ETH
PPTL = 0.002 ETH
Payment: ETH
Pre-Sale Start Date: May 20, 2018
Pre-Sale End Date: July 15, 2018
Main-Sale Start Date: June 18, 2018
Main-Sale End Date: July 15, 2018
Pre-ICO Bonus: 30%
ICO Bonus:
Stage 1 = 20%
Stage 2 = 10%
Stage 3 = 0%

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