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Play 2 Live

play 2 live token sale play 2 live ico play 2 live initial coin offering

Blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans.

Play 2 Live token sale is complete.

Play2Live platform introduces a full-blown ecosystem for eSports and gaming industries with a focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers, providing unqiue interactive opportunities for all participants of the ecosystem – eSports tournament organizers, the streamers and the viewers.

Based upon blockchain technology, Play2Live brings a unique mix of interactive features and monetizing tools, which are not available with other existing streaming platforms. The further development of Play2Live’s Level Up Chain is the ultimate end-to-end solution for streamers, gamers, and eSports fans, providing them with the key advantages of blockchain technology that meet their needs, such as speed, transparency, security and availability.

PLay 2 Live Token Sale Information

Token TypeERC-20 token (what is ERC 20 Token)
Token SymbolLUC
Total Supply1,308,800,000 LUC
Soft Cap$3M
Hard Cap$3M
Exchange$1 = 20 LUC

PreSale OpensJanuary 25, 2018
PreSale ClosesFebruary 5, 2018
Min Transaction Amount0.1 ETH
Transaction AmountUnlimited
Bonus Jan 25 - Jan 3030%
Bonus Jan 31 - Feb 525%

Token Sale OpensFebruary 12, 2018
Token Sale ClosesMarch 5, 2018
Min Transaction Amount0.1 ETH
Transaction AmountUnlimited

Interview with Play 2 Live

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project, and how will your project address this?

Play 2 Live: As all our key team members have significant experience in eSports industry, we are confident in the ideas which stand behind our project. One of the main factors for the decision to launch Play2Live project was the big number of challenges and limitations of current streaming solutions on the market, whose features have remained virtually unchanged over time. This includes lack of interaction and personalization options, limited monetizing options, persistent advertising and poor involvement of viewers. We assume that by introducing blockchain-based streaming platform as a part of our comprehensive eSports ecosystem we will overcome those challenges.

BC: How will your project address this problem, market deficiency or opportunity in a unique way?

Play 2 Live: By introducing a blockchain-based streaming platform we will overcome the main challenges of current streaming industry, which includes:
– Boosting interaction by launching an advanced bilateral system of tasks between viewers and streamers.

– The ability to start earning as a streamer in 11 ways from the very first broadcast.

– The ability for viewers to earn in 5 ways just for watching streams.

– Fast transactions with low fees.

Besides, the uniqueness of our project lies in the comprehensiveness of the system we are building. Play2Live will include not only streaming, but also betting, gambling P2P CDN solutions. As well as that, the platform will be open for integrations with third-party systems.

BC: How do you think competition will develop in this segment of the market following your ICO?

Play 2 Live:  We are pretty sure the launch of our project will stimulate the competition on the eSports streaming market. We believe that by introducing our innovative system of interaction between streamers and users, as well as new monetizing tools (11 for streamers and 5 for viewers) we will not only attract new audience to the market, but also improve its retention.

This means that new players must enter the market shortly, while the established players will improve their functionality in order not to lose their audience.

BC: For all those who have read your white paper and are still on the fence about contributing with your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to buy into your project?

Play 2 Live: It’s always a great idea to invest into booming markets with the clear growth reasons. We believe that the reasons for the eSports market growth are well-known and the trend has been established for several years already. If you understand the main ideas Play2Live proposed, this must seem to be a great chance for you. Besides, we’ve already released an MVP. If you still have any doubts, contact our team – we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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