Sentinel Protocol ICO

Decentralized cyber-security for cryptocurrency holders

The Sentinel Protocol ICO plans to develop a decentralized security solution for the crypto-community to counter current inaccessibility and redundancy that is prevalent within the current cyber-security market. This system will make use of a self-evolving AI protocol that is based on the blockchain.

Sentinel Protocol ICO – The Problems

  • Most cryptocurrency hodlers do not know how to effectively defend themselves against cyber-attacks.
  • Various security measures and protocols are disparate, so while they may provide up-to-date defense against some threats, they cannot protect against all threats.
  • Dependable cyber-security software is generally outside unaffordable for private individuals.
  • P2P scams and fake accounts are sometimes difficult to identify and counteract.
  • Pure decentralization is difficult to implement, as personal information is generally requested at some stage of the process of user verification when a new user requests data exchanges, transactions or platform registration off-chain.
  • The transparency and traceability of transactions on blockchains can actually help hackers to locate e-wallets with large holdings more easily.
  • AI programs are not always able to accurately distinguish between malicious user profile behavior and regular profile behavior.

Sentinel Protocol ICO – The Solution

  • The Sentinel Protocol ICO plans to integrate blockchain and AI technologies to create the ‘Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain’ (SIPB). The SIPB will be an autonomous platform that is capable of self-evolving.
  • Part of their infrastructure will include all users being issued a unique wallet that incorporates the SIPB’s security protocols.
  • The SIPB will also attempt to incentivize existing security providers to connect to their Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) cyber-security database to pool their data with other cyber-security providers, thereby ensuring that all software providers have the most up-to-date database possible to issue to their clients. This intelligence sharing mechanism will also be open to input from regular platform users via the submission of manual reports. These reports will be verified and assessed separately from those provided by the cyber-security networks.
  • The Sentinel Protocol ICO’s platform will utilize users’ idle processing power in order to process reports and analyze them against the contents of the TRDB.
  • Sentinel Protocol’s platform will monitor and track any siphoned funds in order to notify potential recipients of the cryptocurrencies’ origins, thereby acting as a dissuasive measure against further hacking attempts, while still providing the platform with time to attempt to retrieve the stolen funds.

Sentinel Protocol ICO – How it Works

The Sentinel Protocol ICO’s AI protocol will gather data from the wallet activity of the various platform users in order to create a model account upon which new user activity is evaluated. Irregular wallet activities will then be immediately identified and shared with the platform, which will then immediately prevent the transaction from being finalized. This will also be shared with other nodes on the chain, thereby allowing them to emplace pre-emptive defensive measures against potential attacks on their own wallets.

The Sentinel Protocol ICO’s platform will also appoint certain user nodes to scan and evaluate blockchain transactions for discrepancies and irregular activities in order to detect fraudulent activities on the platform. These nodes will be referred to as ‘the Sentinels.’ They will then be able to update the Sentinel Protocol’s platform based on their findings. These scans will be conducted both within the platform, as well as between platform users and external parties.

Sentinel Protocol ICO

Sentinel Protocol ICO’s UPP Token Utility

  • All service, product and transaction fees will be charged in UPP.
  • All community contributions will be remunerated in UPP.

Sentinel Protocol ICO Details

Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 500 Million UPP
For Sale:
 300 Million UPP
Price: 1 UPP = 0.0002 ETH
Payment: ETH, BTC
Hard Cap:  ~23,000 ETH
Pre-Sale Start Date: May 23, 2018
Pre-Sale End Date: May 26, 2018
Pre-Sale Bonus: 15%
Pre-Sale Minimum: 30 ETH
Pre-Sale Maximum: 300 ETH
Start Date: May 27, 2018
End Date: June 10, 2018

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