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Skin Coin Initial Coin Offering

 Token Crowdsale Details and Interview

Project Type: Asset/Token

Platform: Ethererum

Start Date: Jun 21  

End: July 21


“We already have own working and successful products in eSports Industry – that’s great start to start using SkinCoin as main payment method. Skin Coin

Crowdsale Ended








Interview with Skin Coin


Bitcoin Chaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project?


Skin Coin: By introducing the cryptocurrency SKINCOIN into the gaming industry we solve the problem of convenience and safety when it comes to the gaming services. This will protect all types of gaming platforms as well as exchange services from Valve claims and blocking of accounts on Steam. Cryptocurrency SKINCOIN does not qualify as a payment method in the usual sense. This protects SKINCOIN from claims of the regulatory and other governmental institutions.

For introducing SKINCOIN into the current gaming system we are going to launch a service with a convenient API for the immediate exchange of skins into SKINCOIN and vice versa. On the exchange website there will be a huge range of the skins to exchange. By using the API of our exchanging service, third party websites will be able to accept SKINCOIN as a payment method, gradually replacing the skins turnover. All the transactions on the gaming websites will be in SKINCOIN and the website owners won’t have to maintain their stores filled with skins to keep their site efficient.



BC: How will your project address this problem or opportunity in a unique way?


Skin Coin: eSports gaming and trading market already know about this problem. We have a great experience in marketing for this industry.



BC: How do you think that competition will develop following your ICO?


Skin Coin: We already have own working and successful products in eSports Industry – that’s great start to start using SkinCoin as main payment method. Also we have partners who are interested in implementation of SkinCoin



BC: For all those who have read your white paper and are still on the fence about investing in your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to invest in your project?


Skin Coin: Oh, sure. The value of each cryptocurrency or tokens consists of how actively it is used. Most of the past and current ICO’s did not need to release their tokens, because They will not be used very much outside their services. In our project, SkinCoin will be used as the main payment method in the entire eSports industry



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