Storm Play Platform

Gamifying Work Experience on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Storm Play platform is a dApp developed by StormX, Inc. that aims to create a peer-to-peer platform for users and employers to create a quick and secure exchange of services and remuneration for small tasks. They plan on enticing involvement by users by making it fun by ‘gamifying’ the work experience. Part of this implementation includes the names chosen for users. For instance, ‘Storm Makers’ can place job postings on Storm Play’s ‘Storm Market’ in exchange for payment to the app. ‘Storm Players’ are users who complete tasks in exchange for Bolts, which are in-app reward tokens. This D-App is available for download on many mobile digital devices.

Storm Play Platform – The Premise

The Storm Play platform is a rebranding of Storm Play platform’s previous D-App, ‘BitMaker’, that has been remastered to integrate blockchain technology into its framework. They did so in order to facilitate

Storm Play Platform – How it Works

Storm Makers will be able to post three types of tasks:

  1. Promotional content,
  2. Short-term contracts ranging from minor tasks to other longer forms of contracts,
  3. As well as product testing, surveys or other shopping-relating tasks.

Storm Players can then browse the Storm Market to find relevant tasks so as to monetize their free moments. For instance, they can view advertisements, perform basic QA functions or reviews while commuting on public transport, or when they have an hour to spare before jobs. Bolts can also be earned through referrals and task delegation and project management.

As Storm Players engage with the platform and become more familiar with the operations of the Storm Play platform, they will rise to higher ‘levels’ until they reach the level of a ‘Master’ player. User earn higher levels based on their accumulated experience, which is reflected by the number of Bolts that they have earned. Bolts are earned through task-completion and can be used to purchase in-app rewards or STORM.

Storm Play platform

There are currently six player types:

  1. Players – these players are rewards-orientated.
  2. Achievers – these players are motivated by challenging tasks and high-performance reviews.
  3. Disruptors – they engage with QA, programing and hacking tasks.
  4. Explorers – they prefer creative tasks.
  5. Socializers – they enjoy monetizing social platforms.
  6. Philanthropists – they focus on tasks that are socially and ecologically beneficial.

Storm Play Platform – Opportunity

  • The use of smart contracts through their ERC20 compatible STORM tokens. This will cause micro-payments for small tasks to become feasible, as the charges will be much lower when contrasted to the current payment systems where the transferal and intermediary costs of platform-use can be as high as 40% of the amount being transferred. Furthermore, users from around the world will be able to connect and transact in real-time with minimal transferal fees and transaction periods. This will benefit both Players and Makers.
  • Freelance players will have increased market visibility and opportunity to enter the market, especially with their being able to use Bolts to purchase visibility boosts which will enable them to access more micro-tasks that they would other wise be limited to.
  • The Storm Play platform offers incentivized training tasks to Players thereby providing freelancers with a means of gauging their current skill levels.
  • Players are rewarded based on their progression, meaning that Makers will be able to build-in milestone rewards so as to incentivize Players to continue with their task at a faster rate than they might otherwise do. It will also help them to remain maintain focus, as they strive to obtain the next goal.
  • To increase transaction speed, only the STORM token will operate on the Ethereum chain, with all other operations being conducted on the Storm Play platform itself.
  • Smart contracts between users will be created through Storm Tasks. This will enable Players and Makers to form private, traceable contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, whereby users will be able to set their own terms, wand the smart contracts will ensure that both parties meet their side of the agreement, both in terms of service and remuneration. Storm Tasks can also include parameters such as deadlines for sub-tasks and overall job, as well as required Player credentials.

Storm play platform

Storm Play Platform’s STORM Token Utility

STORM is an ERC-20 compatible token. They are used by Storm Makers to post tasks on the Storm Market as a mode of payment on the Storm Play platform, including job postings by Storm Makers, and can be traded for Bolts by Storm Players. They can be purchased for Ether, Bitcoin, Bolts, or a number of other currencies. Currently, Bolts can also be exchanged for Ether and Bitcoin, but StormX plans to allow for Bots to only be exchangeable for STORM in the future. 298.08

Storm Play Platform – Post-ICO Achievements

  • 20 December 2017 – STORM token is listed on HitBTC
  • 3 January 2018 – StormX partners with Ink Labs Foundation based in Singapore.
  • 23 February 2018 – StormX token announces partnership with I Only Fly First Class.

Token History
(as of May 6, 2018)

ICO Dates
November 7 – December 7, 2017

ICO Price
1 STORM = ~$0.011 USD


Amount Raised
~$32 Mill USD

Cap Goal
~$27.6 Mill USD

Current Value
 1 STORM = ~$0.058 USD

Current Market Cap
~$240.5 Million USD

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