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SyncFab is aiming to connnect buyers directly to hardware manufacturers through blockchain

SyncFab ICO is complete.

Problems facing the manufacturing industry include the exclusion of small buisnesses at the expense of innovators; outdated technology; a lack of accessibility for buyers to find the right manufaturer, and little to no IP protection, leaving buisnesses vulerable to security breaches.

The SynchFab blockchain solution aims to eliminate middlemen, promote small buisnesses, incentivine the working class, and promote innovators and industry technology.

SyncFab ICO Information

Token SymbolMFG
Rate1 ETH = 5,000 MFG Tokens
Soft Cap15,000 ETH
Hard Cap33,000 ETH
Accepted Payment MethodETH

Partership Adoption Pool30%
Public Market30%
Founders, Advisors, Bounty10%
SynchFab (Tech Development)15%
Smart MFG Tech (Ecosystem Health)15%

Jan 1 - Feb 1525% Bonus
1 ETH = 6,250 MFG
Feb 15 - Mar 150% Bonus
1 ETH = 5,000 MFG

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