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Bitcoin Talk used to be the forum where cryptocurrency enthusiasts would share their thoughts and support each other through questions and answers. Announcements on that forum would usually gather the kind of attention people who posted them were looking for. Nevertheless, as cryptocurrency markets started to change, communication shifted to other platforms and fora. Twitter became a huge source of cryptocurrency information, with salient personalities duking it out publicly. Reddit became another forum in which cryptocurrency enthusiasts discussed thorny issues, often bruising the egos of their counterparts. Then the next shift came, and private channels started becoming a more dominant force. Countless WhatsApp, invite only groups of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and, recently, Telegram groups have emerged as the sources of information.

Advantages in Private Chats

Picking up a fight on social media to show your “crypto-creed” is now a way to make statement. Participating in private chat groups on WhatsApp and Telegram – the existence of which is often kept as a closely guarded secret – is an achievement in many ways. The advantages that these private groups offer is significant in comparison to the open platforms in which people either choose to hide behind a pseudonym or seem to be more interested in grandstanding. These WhatsApp and Telegram groups often generate tightly knit sub communities, centered around specific issues and cooperation within them flourishes. As a result, members start doing business with each other and the benefits of belonging to those groups multiply.

ICOs Taking Advantage of Telegram

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, have been talking notice of this trend. They are now focusing their social efforts and their community building efforts more on their Telegram groups than on any other platform. Telegram offers great advantages to both ICOs and prospective contributors or community members:

  • Communication is encrypted and private. Only members can see it – unless people start capturing screen shots.
  • Moderators can easily manage the group and keep the discussion on point, which is impossible to do on Twitter for example.
  • Prospective contributors or community members can ask questions and get answers directly from project creators.
  • Project creators can engage directly with their nascent communities.

Bitcoin Chaser is Also Taking Advantage of Telegram

The list of advantages that Telegram bestows upon ICOs is longer. The points above are merely the main advantages that an ICO can get from its own Telegram group. Other organizations, institutions, companies and individuals in the space are also taking advantage of Telegram for similar reasons. Among them, Bitcoin Chaser is now using its own Telegram group to communicate with its own community, giving its members access to exclusive deals on events, casino promotions, and more, while the Bitcoin Chaser staff gets the feedback necessary to improve the services it offers.

If you are interested in joining this group and participating actively in our community activities through Telegram follow this link and join us. We are more than happy to bring all these advantages straight to you, while we engage to give you more of what you would like to see.

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