The Ad Industry Eyes Brave New Business Models as Agency Stocks Flatline

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Mar 27, 2018 and updated Jan 18th, 2021
The Ad Industry Eyes Brave New Business Models as Agency Stocks Flatline

In a recent survey conducted via Search Engine Land, 68% of respondents said they would actually block a site if the site had too many advertisements. Just like a user expects Google to deliver relevant results, he or she also deserves a good experience on the websites in search results.

So, how are advertising agencies going to reach the consumer? There are new business models emerging – specifically via the Brave Browser – that benefit everyone.

Time Usage on the Internet

The way consumers access and use the internet are two separate businesses. Access is about browsers – what way does the user get online? Use of the internet is about usage – where does the user go when online? There is now a browser that stops people from tracking you and an ad platform that

The Current Ad Industry

As the advertising industry currently stands, the system is segmented and divided. Traditional online advertising works when a major vendor sells space on their digital platform. Whether the ad campaign is a banner on the local news site or you are placing a product photo on social media, you are participating in traditional digital marketplace.

Just like there is inventory in physical campaigns, there is also limited space in digital ones. Websites reserve the right to make photos fit their company preferences, limit the amount of text in ads, and remove campaigns according to their standards.

For example, in the past few month several satirical news sites have been banned from advertising on social media sites simply because users kept complaining about fake headlines. This has nothing to do with the content of the ads, but only the preference of the end users.


Better Browsing for Everyone: Solution #1

The average consumer demands a strong browsing experience.

In fact, all major web browsers in operation today have built-in pop-up blockers. There is a new browser on the market, Brave, which boasts being the best browser for your interests at heart.

Brave is a browser that allows for people to surf the web quickly, without dealing with ads or trackers trying to violate user privacy or tack cookie trails. (The company was started by the co-founder of Mozilla).

In a direct comparison against Google Chrome and Safari, Brave loads major news sites up to 8x faster on mobile and is also faster on desktop.

Better Advertisements for the Consumer: Solution #2

Yet, consumers are getting more intelligent about blocking ads, avoiding them, and even seeing through common ad techniques. Kind Ads has built a solution to traditional ad placement and distribution by redefining how an advertising platform works. The basics are:

  • Internet Users: Eliminating ads that feel like spam and getting a better advertising experience with relevant ads you actually want to see.
  • Publishers: Show better advertisements by not relying on tactics like pop-ups, but rather opt-in options like emails or push notifications. Eighty-five percent of ad dollars go to publishers.
  • Advertisers: Decreased costs because you are cutting out the middleman and getting access to better channels.

Every touchpoint throughout the Kind Ads Ecosystem is a complete redesign on current ad systems. Subscriber information is shared with approval, advertisers get better leads, and publishers earn more/get more access with more leads generated.

What Does the Advertiser Get?

The current model makes it tough to gauge your return on investment with every ad campaign, especially if you work in a business that is difficult to quantify or with high conversion values (like real estate). Kind is a platform made with the advertiser in mind as well. Advertisers can run a direct advertising campaign to subscribers across various platforms.

For the past few years, advertisers have suffered through a decline in quality of leads because users completely understand the tactics being used. With Kind Ads, advertisers are able to select publishers they actually want to work with based on quality score. (Publishers with more effective campaigns in the past earn higher scores).

Changing Browsing and Advertising Access

Due to the changing landscape in traditional digital advertising, there are new business models emerging in the ad industry. Whether you are a product or service-based business, you need to get your information out there in a meaningful way. The new way to do so, without intrusion, is through Kind Ads. As a consumer, the new way to browse is through Brave.

The advertising industry expanded to digital and now the digital expansion has reached its breaking point. There are several businesses out there changing the advertising landscape. Don’t allow business to flat line when there are opportunities for growth with new business models.

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