theta token sale

Theta Token Sale

Next generation video delivery powered by users

Theta token sale is complete: Hard cap raised

Theta is a blockchain and token that will be used to power a Decentralized Streaming Network (DSN). The Theta Token functions as an incentive mechanism that encourages users to share their unused memory and bandwidth, serving as video caching and relay nodes for the DSN. Theta will be an open-source project that will be shared with industry and community participants, and our long-term vision is to have all video platforms participate in the network by building decentralized apps (D.apps) on top of the Theta

In the Decentralized Streaming Network, video viewers will be incentivized to share redundant memory and bandwidth resources to address today’s video streaming challenges. Viewers around the globe can contribute their computers as “caching nodes” whereby they form a video delivery infrastructure that is responsible for relaying any given video stream to viewers geographically near.

Theta aims to tackle three major challenges that face the video streaming industry today:
1. Poor video stream quality caused by the “last-mile” problem, particularly in developing countries;
2. High cost of video content delivery and content delivery networks (CDNs);
3. Inefficient video ecosystem and lack of transparency among advertisers, influencers and users.

Theta Token Information

Fixed Limit600,000,000 Theta Tokens
Currency AcceptedETH
Purchase Rate1 Theta = $0.15USD or equivalent ETH

Token Sale Participants50%
Thea Labs Reserve30%
Network Seeding10%
Advisors, Partners, Employee incentives10%

Software Dev. R&D60%
Marketing, Community Dev.20%
Opaerating, Legal Expenses20%

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