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Totum ICO

Totum ICO has been cancelled.

Our idea is to create a decentralized blockchain exchange platform that helps gamers to earn, and helps developers to increase the monetization of games through the release and trade of F2P game tokens.

Advantages for gamers:

  • Versatility – creating a single blockchain ecosystem will allow to combine a large number of games and make the process of converting game points through the internal Totum exchange fast and handy.
  • Monetization of playing time – now you do not just play your favorite game, but also turn your playing time into a flexible crypto asset.
  • Convertible game balance – we know that you like to play. Especially for you, we make it possible not only to withdraw the game currency to external exchanges, but also to convert your game balance into another game currency through internal exchange within the Totum ecosystem.
  • Secure transactions – since the currency is decentralized and there is a wellprotected
    mining mechanism, hacking, capturing, or stealing your personal data
    are impossible.

Advantages for game developers: 

  • Additional income. Monetization of any game logic due to paid exchange of the internal game balance to cryptocurrency. You set the withdrawal amount yourself, we only take 30% to pay for the work of Totum miners.
  • Game promotion. An innovative solution to monetize playing time may increase the number of interested players in a geometric progression. According to our poll among gamers (230 people, geography: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, China), 83% of respondents would start playing a new game if they had the opportunity to monetize their playing time.
  • Simple tech integration. Our goal is a convenient interface suitable for creating and testing Totum contracts on the Totum developer’s account, ready APIs, and technical document sets. Just one external integration with the Totum blockchain will make it possible to avoid disrupting the game’s own ecosystem and make the exit into the cryptocurrency world as fast as possible.
  • Your own currency in the universal ecosystem. Only your own game logic, your rules, and your name. All we provide is a comfortable tool protected from volatility and transaction losses of traditional ECH/BTC blockchain systems –and that is all you might need to be successful.

-information from Totum whitepaper

Totoum ICO Information

Token TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token
Token SymbolTOTUM
Total Token Supply15 Million TOTUM
Purchase Rate1 TOTUM = 0.0033 ETH
Min Purchase10 TOTUM / 0.033 ETH
Max Purchase100,000 TOTUM / 333 ETH
Currency AcceptedETH
Minimum Cap3,300 ETH
Maximum Cap49,500 ETH

Token Sale88%
Totum Team7%
Bounty Offers5%

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