VIBEHub Platform

Virtual and Augmented Reality Entertainment and Education Platform on the Blockchain.

The VIBEHub platform is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to create technology that integrates the real and digital worlds in order to broaden the current scope of experiences that are available within the VR field. This will be implemented by means of their Volumetric Video technology that will able to capture real-time events as they happen in 3D and transmit them holographically into the user’s private customized VR space.

In this way, users will be able to interact and transact with each other ‘face-to-face’ within a virtual space. This technology will enable the creation of virtual interactive spaces where each avatar represents a real-life user, each with their own specific position within the virtual area, with each unique space referred to as a ‘hub’.

How the VIBEHub Platform Works

The VIBEHub Platform is accessible through both the Myst and MetaMask Ethereum-based browsers so as to ease new crypto and blockchain users on to the platform.  VIBEHub’s Volumetric Video Technology allows them to record a full 360° 3D perspective of an individual and then transfer it to the virtual space, where other users can then engage with the experience on a highly immersive scale. They also simultaneously make use of voice recording and body movement tracking technology, for the purpose of ensuring that voice intonations and movements are as fluid and realistic as possible.

While their current Beta technology is able to capture a great deal of detail, they hope to further develop the technology to the point where the holographic images will be more photo-realistic. Applications of hubs include educational settings with each student in a specific desk, an individual positioned in their unique spot at a crowded ‘live’ VR concert where even the performer is performing in real-time, or where two individuals can meet and conduct transactions within a private setting. Furthermore, the company plans on adopting the blockchain system as way of increasing user scalability while minimizing overhead costs.

VIBEHub platform

VIBEHub Platform’s VIBE token functionality

VIBE tokens are required as the mode of payment within the VIBEHub platform’s ecosystem. Services provided within this framework will include providing each user with their own private 3D Hub which can be customized by purchasing in-app digital assets for VIBE tokens. Similarly, users will be able to use tokens to purchase seats in ‘live’ classes such as yoga, or general immersive experiences. They will later be able to purchase the ability to ‘meet’ with their favorite artists for ‘real-time’ interactions. Other companies will also be able to feature their content on the VR platform for a fee, while then being able to charge their own fees to users of their content. VIBEHub will also offer advertising space to advertisers that are incorporated into the framework of each Hub, such as by placing advertising on blimps in the sky, thereby removing the distracting and annoying aspects of the current advertising forms employed in digital media.

Post-ICO Achievements (As of 22 March 2018)

  • 24 November 2017 – VIBEHub partners with electronics giant, Monster Technologies
  • 10 January 2018 – VIBE is listed on Binanace
  • 22 January 2018 – VIBEHub releases its first Oculus download of a concert by Planet Asia.
  • 20 March 2018 – VIBEHub signs multi-million USD agreement with 8i for access to their volumetric video production facility.

VIBEHub Platform’s Links & Social Channels

Token History
(as of May 6, 2018)

ICO Dates
August 20 – September 19, 2017

ICO Price
1 VIBE = ~$0.01 USD

Total Tokens
267 Million VIBE


Amount Raised
~$1.65 Mill USD

Current Value
1 VIBE = ~$0.28 USD

Current Market Cap
~$56 Million USD

Current Token Circulation
~200 Million VIBE

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