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Wemark ICO

Wemark is the blockchain-based marketplace for digital content.

Wemark ICO public sale ends July 27, 2018

“The amount of digital content, such as photos, music, and video has exploded in recent years. However, it has become a super-centralized market with a small number of companies controlling the majority of distribution. This means that creators must sign away rights and control over their content, along with a large percentage of the revenue their content is generating, in order to participate.

Distributed marketplaces allow creators to license their content directly to customers, keeping them in full control of the rights to their content. Wemark is a VC-backed startup based in Israel and San Francisco developing a blockchain-based distribution system for digital content, implementing our concept of the “distributed marketplace”.

At the heart of our strategy is the Wemark Protocol, which utilizes blockchain to enable the creation of distributed marketplaces across all types of content, and connect them in a decentralized network, creating an alternative distribution system without intermediaries.

Our first use-case is Wemark.com – a distributed marketplace for stock photography. Stock photography is a super-centralized $4B industry, with agencies like Shutterstock and Getty Images controlling much of the market. Because customers have a relationship with the agency, and not directly with the photographer, stock photo agencies have developed a critical mass of customers. This leaves photographers with limited alternatives but to give most of the rights, control, and earnings from their photos to these agencies.”

Source: Wemark whitepaper

Wemark ICO Details

Wemark ICO

Token SymbolWMK
Token StandardEthereum ERC-20 Token
Total Token Supply135,000,000 WMK
Soft Cap$1,500,000
Hard Cap$8,000,000
Price per Token$0.20

Token Distribution

38%For Sale During the Token Sale
37.5%Reserved for Community Redwards & Economiy Scaling
12%Advisors & Partnerships
11%Founding Team & Employees
1.5%Bounty Program

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