ZPER Platform

An  Investment and P2P Lending Platform on the Ethereum blockchain

The ZPER platform is a decentralized P2P and Person-to-AI lending, investment and credit validation ecosystem that hopes to provide an alternative to the existing loan systems. Their goal is to create a platform where both investors and borrowers can benefit financially from lower fees and increased transparency and security.

ZPER Platform – The Problems

  • Banks offer low interest rates in exchange for collateral.
  • Some alternatives charge up to 27% interest, with loan amounts limited to the borrower’s credit history.
  • Borrowers are restricted to local financial institutions and individuals when applying for loans.
  • High risks for lenders in case of insolvency or disappearance of the borrower.
  • Lenders experience difficulty in liquidating their assets, as they are restricted to the repayment deadline.
  • Borrowers face limited methods of developing a positive and provable credit rating.

ZPER Platform – The Solution

  • Platform users can use small payments as credit history proof.
  • Lower fee rates charged than through traditional channels.
  • Borrowers can access acquire loans from global financial institutions.
  • Smart contracts provide secure and transparent proof of terms and parameters of all financial agreements and transactions between users on the ZPER platform.
  • Lenders can tokenize their assets to use percentages of them as collateral when finalizing loan agreements This will entail all trade information and ownership rights being recorded in the smart contract.
  • This will benefit lenders, as they can liquidate these token shares to another investor as needed.

ZPER platform

ZPER Platform – Further Advantages and Services Offered

  • ZPER will allow platform users to reward data holders and authenticators for sharing and validating relevant credit information based on the scope of the data provided. Relevant data providers include:
    • Financial institutions,
    • Individuals,
    • Schools and tertiary education institutions,
    • Credit card companies,
    • And P2P financers.
  • RoboAdvisor companies specializing in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) protocols to autonomously analyze investment opportunities and thereby develop low-risk investment portfolios will be welcome to offer their products on the ZPER platform.
  • Investors are also provided with several other investment services, including:
    • Investment packages designed by P2P finance companies,
    • And Purchasing invoice smart contracts from other lenders.

ZPER Platform’s Share and Contribution

  • ZPER guardian offers compensation to investors for their losses on the platform. Its creation is one of the motivations behind the ICO.
  • The ZPER committee will be responsible for approving of participants within each sector of the ZPER platform.
  • ZPER will be used for all transactions on the platform in order to ensure that all transactions are transparent and traceable.
  • The platform ZPER plans to develop special student loan plans for students from developing countries. They will be awarded based on factors such as their grades, peer and educator evaluations and extracurricular activities.

ZPER platform

ZPER Platform’s
Main Sale Details

Platforms: Ethereum
Total Supply: 3.5 Billion ZPR
For Sale:
2.2 Billion ZPR
Price: 1 ETH = 16,000 ZPR
Minimum: 0.1 ETH (1,600 ZPR)
Payment: ETH
Soft Cap: 5,000 ZPR
Hard Cap:  48,000 ETH
Main ICO Start Date: March 16, 2018
End Date:May 16, 2018
Pre-Sale 3 Month Lock-up = 30%
Pre-Sale Normal                   = 20%
Main Sale First 3 days         = 10%
Main Sale Day 4 Onwards  =   0%

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