News Roundup: Tracking Twitter Crypto Influencers Is Now Easy

Twitter crypto influencers might not have the golden nuggest of knowledge you are looking for, but now it is easier to track what they are sayin. Take a look at this and other headlines form the last week

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Dec 5th, 2019
News Roundup: Tracking Twitter Crypto Influencers Is Now Easy

It has been an eventful week in the space. Here are some of the most interesting headlines that caught our eye.

Microsoft Expands its Crypto Footprint with Games and Badges

Tech companies like IBM and Microsoft have been exploring how to participate in crypto and blockchain projects. This week Microsoft announced that it would turn a 1980’s choose-your-own-adventure game book series into a card-collecting game using blockchain technology. It also announced new digital collectible badges on an ERC20 token to be awarded to contributors to the open-source arm of Azure, its cloud computing platform.

Litecoin’s Interesting Week

Hitting its lowest hash rate of the year, Litecoin published a statement to ease concerns of a 51% attack, stating its unlikelihood due to the high cost to carry out such an operation and the individual miner’s freedom to move from malicious pools. Meanwhile, the Litecoin Foundation launched a funding campaign to develop and implement privacy features in Litecoin through LTC-MimbleWimble integration led by Grin developer. MimbleWimble, if properly implemented, should add a layer of privacy for Litecoin users.

The Problem with Teaching Crypto in North Korea

A US citizen who attended a blockchain and crypto conference in North Korea has been arrested due to a federal complaint stating he conspired to help North Korea violate rules in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. He works for the Ethereum Foundation and stated that his presentation amounted exclusively to a transfer of technical knowledge to other attendees. North Korea is a country that anyone would be smart to avoid. Hopefully the US authorities have real proof of wrongdoing and this person gets a fair trial.

A Crypto SDR

In an attempt to have a stable global economy, the SDR was created under the Bretton Woods agreements. Now a new crypto company is launching a global cryptocurrency that is meant to mimic SDRs function by being created from when someone purchases it and burnt when it is sold back. Trying to mimic a Bretton Woods tool with cryptocurrency is weird, but if so many ICOs managed to get funded when it was obvious they wouldn’t succeed, this one should have a shot. In any case, the leading currency in a post-sate society – or any other kind of society really – should be Bitcoin and not a new coin based on SDR.

You can Now Track Crypto Influencers on Twitter

A project called Lunacrush allegedly created new tool that tracks the most influential crypto personalities on Twitter. How they decide who is an influencer and what is the depth of that person’s knowledge is not known. All we know is that the value of the information that these “influencers” deliver based on 280-character tweets shouldn’t influence your decision-making process too much. Remember to DYOR and make sure you diversify your sources.