For those of you who are veterans of the Bitcoin community (or at least have read a thing or two in the space), the recent price range for the top cryptocurrency has meant several things, including stability, a move into the mainstream, etc. but certainly not that the coin is doomed. However, there are many people who believe that Bitcoin has been on a tailspin dive towards extinction ever since its drop from the peak.

We’d like to side with the former point of view over the latter, but then again, even we don’t know what will happen to Bitcoin.

I believe that Bitcoin is headed towards a more mainstream and stable future, but if we can learn one thing from Bitcoin’s past it’s that a trend of stability usually precedes a spike. That’s why we’re throwing the question out to you – the Bitcoin community.

After what we’ve seen with Bitcoin in recent weeks, do you think the next major price trend will be an increase or decrease in price? Fill out our poll with your vote and see what everyone else thinks!

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