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Volum Blockchain Holding

Volum is using blockchain technology to redefine the supply chain management processes that will allow companies to rapidly scale and grow internationally.

The Volum platform ensures that all the portfolio companies leverage the same native currency, VLM. This will enable a streamlined supply chain management, B2B marketplace transactions supported by trustless smart contracts and advanced data analytics.

Introducing a New System

Volum is introducing an entirely new idea into the blockchain ecosystem. By mirroring the fundamentals of how holding companies operate in the mainstream sector, Volum will take up minor stakes in particular companies. This will allow for an oversight function capacity by Volum over these companies.

The companies that will qualify for Volum’s minority ownership must pass its extensive research and vetting procedures. This will ensure that such companies will provide the much needed viability and value for investors in the long run. Intellectual property and other assets are also areas where Volum’s net will cover.

All of these companies and properties are then brought together on the same blockchain decentralized platform where they are tokenized. The tokens are then made available for investors to trade on digital currencies and exchanges.

Maximizing the Blockchain Properties 

This is a revolutionary system that is expected to change the way that both investments and administrative processes are carried out. By playing an oversight role on multiple companies, blockchain technology provides a transparent platform that is devoid of the cumbersome bureaucracies of the regular systems. Also, transactions on the blockchain are secure, immutable and eternally auditable.

The Volum project will provide a great opportunity for investors to benefit from multiple channels that include regular revenue from operating company dividends, and also from transaction revenue, all paid in VLM.

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will be fully capable of executing smart contracts.

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