An experienced forex player and a pioneer in the Bitcoin trading arena, is expanding its footprint in the cryptocurrency markets as a prime trading platform. AionNext has enabled wider cryptocurrency trading on its platform, enabling more cryptocurrency pairs as well as fiat-cryptocurrency pairs that are unavailable on other exchanges. That, coupled with a wealth of experience accumulated over the last 18 years in the forex industry, makes AionNext a fantastic choice for a wide variety of customers that are looking for an experienced team with cutting edge AI technology to manage their portfolios.

AionNext: A Brief History

This is a natural move for the industry veteran, since it was one of the first exchanges to allow BTC-fiat trading. Based out of London and opening operations in the year 2000, AionNext made a bold move, enabling Bitcoin trading when the mother of all cryptocurrencies was just a year old. In 2010, AionNext became one of the first multifunctional platforms to enable Bitcoin trading. In 2014, AionNext followed through with Ether and Dogecoin trading on its platform. Now, AionNext is going the distance with new pairs, integrating multiple cryptocurrencies into its platform.

AionNext Features

AionNext is also well-known for the wide variety of features it offers to its clients. Users seeking to take their investments to the next level with AionNext will benefit from:

  • A futures trading platform with multiple assets on it.
  • PAMM – Percent Allocation Management Module – accounts for clients who want professionals to fully manage their accounts.
  • With the aid of machine learning and other AI tools, AionNext offers High Frequency Trading – HFT – that allows you to identify an act upon trading opportunities with an accuracy of up to 87%.
  • Tier 1 bank security level on cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Multiple ICO opportunities.
  • Industry-leading educational materials.
  • Fantastic charting tools that are precise and innovative.

Unrivaled Experience and Cutting-Edge Technology

For traders who would like to do their own trading using cutting-edge tools, as well as for those who would like highly experienced professionals to manage their accounts, AionNext is the exchange to trade with. Its long-standing tradition as a market giant, makes AionNext a trustworthy exchange with all the right tools and features for a wide range of traders in the cryptocurrency space. With this new cryptocurrency pair expansion and the wide variety of trading tools at the disposal of the users, it is clear that AionNext will continue to be a giant in cryptocurrency trading.

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