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Crypto analysts and experts weigh in, with a couple of them stating that the Bitcoin price will hit $20k USD by end of this year. It is December 2018, and crypto investors are waiting with bated breath; the speculations and predictions continue. And, in this post, we will review one possible reason behind the crash of Bitcoin and other crypto, as well as outline the signs of an upcoming bull run. Additionally, we are offering you one top-notch idea on how to survive and prepare for the much-anticipated recovery in the price and value of Bitcoin.

Bakkt: Most Likely Reason for the Fall in the Prices of  Cryptocurrencies?

In full acknowledgment of the opinions of experts and analysts on the most likely reason for a decline in the prices of cryptocurrencies, Bakkt is “looking like it.” It appears that the price of Bitcoin was intentionally lowered to ease the entry and make Bakkt’s offering look more attractive for institutional investors.

What you see happening now in the market is the initial buy-in from key players who are anticipating a price jump, otherwise known as a bull run. At its launch, Bakkt plans to feature Bakkt Bitcoin (USD) Daily Futures; it is currently collaborating with institutional investors and organizations, including Microsoft and Starbucks, to create a platform that will allow customers and institutions to use digital assets unhindered.

When Will Bitcoin Go Back Up?

Most likely, the prices of Bitcoin and other traded cryptocurrencies will rise again soon after Bakkt’s launch date, January 24, 2019. This is congruent with our earlier position that Bakkt’s planned entry into the market might be connected with the drop in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Even Joey Krug, the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital, agrees about an approaching bull run, during which he thinks the current market capitalization will likely multiply by 10 times its current value.

How to Survive the Crypto Crash?

And, due to the above-mentioned reason, the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain low in comparison with prices during this time last year. As a result, it is not uncommon to meet crypto HODLers who need cash.

To survive this period of the Crypto Winter, your best bet is to take a crypto-backed loan. By taking an “Anti-Crisis” loan plan (YouHolder’s is a 60-day loan term), you will stand firm during the Crypto Cash Crisis, and you can also benefit from bull run crypto prices when they are finally here.

How Does YouHodler Work?

YouHodler is one of the top crypto-backed loan providers. The platform is known for its high loan-to-value ratio, transparent and easy-to-use interface, a high number of cryptocurrencies that are accepted as collateral, and great customer support. Loans can be taken instantly.

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