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Blockchain Hotel

In Essen, Germany, Gideon Gallasch and Gökhan Köse and the Linuxhotel GmbH launched the BlockchainHotel in 2017. The hotel which is the first of its kind worldwide aims to help bring together like minded people to develop ideas in a supportive collaborative environment.

Gideon Gallasch, Co-Founder of Blockchain Hotel.

Gideon, Gökhan and Also all who come here share a passion for crypto, blockchain, and want to promote a supportive community where we work together to grow technological advancements in this field. The Blockchain Hotel consists of 3 core parts. The ‘Blockchain Hotel’ which is the working space, the ‘Unperfekt Hotel’ which is the adjoining high-end accommodation and the ‘Wg Hotel’ apartments.

A suite at the BlockchainHotel.

This total service approach allows the Blockchain Hotel to fully accommodate for conference delegates giving attendees great opportunities for developing social and professional relationships. Their core business model is to offer delegates from businesses, or those wanting to advance their own personal knowledge, the opportunity to attend their hotel and learn about a variety of different disciplines related to blockchain technology. Courses run anywhere between one and 5 days.

Some of the currently available courses advertised on the website include:

In addition to workshops, they conduct monthly meetups for anyone to attend who is either interested in, or contributing to, Blockchain technological advancements. These can be found on the Blockchain Hotel Meetup.com events page. Blockchain Hotel both hosts and runs the ‘Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup’ which is next due to run on May 25th and 26th.

The Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup 2017.


This 2-day event has a list of over 70 fascinating international speakers including Vít Jedlička (President of Liberland), Richard D. Titus (from ARK Advisers), Marc Kenigsberg (from CoinJanitor) and Max Krupyshev (from Cubits) to name but a few. As well as daily workshops and a Q&A panel each day.

The event has 7 main sponsors including CrownTech, Dash, Bitcore, SICOS, E-Sports, BITSEND and BITCOIN TREFF.

They have even had a novel song about the event made by Bitcoin Rat which you can listen to here.

The Blockchainhotel has kindly given us have a special discount code for you to save 20% on the price of your ticket! The code is BLOCKCHAINHOTEL20

The event is May 25th and 26th and you can let us all know your coming on the Facebook Event page. We hope to see you there!

Kirsty Gordon

Kirsty, hailing from Scotland, is an experienced Engineering Project Manager with a background in design, manufacturing, energy and renewables.She loves technology, AI , machine learning and has had a passion for all things crypto and blockchain since 2016. You can find her attending conferences, networking and having a good time! She also has as an obsession with Flamingos!

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