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Emerging platform that is offering blockchain solutions to all classes of users in the media and entertainment industry, Blue Baikal now has its BBC token trading live on the leading Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinzest.

According to Clark Jang, CEO of Blue Baikal, this development will serve as a stepping stone for his company to grow into a leading global platform.

“We are happy to be listed on Coinzest, which is one of the leading exchanges in Korea. As this is a stepping stone for us to grow into a leading global service, we will pursue our vision” he says.

To celebrate the listing on Coinzest, the ongoing Blue Baikal Ambassador Event rewards will be boosted by 10 times. This is a bonus token distribution event that rewards new users who sign up on the Blue Baikal platform with 1000 BBC tokens (prelisting 100 BBC).

The event which runs from 22 March to 31 July 2019 also rewards members of the platform that invite other users and get them to register using their referral ID. Such members receive an extra 500 BBC tokens for every new sign up, while an accumulation of BBC tokens in the jackpot continues, which will be awarded to the top twenty performers at the end of the event.

About Blue Baikal

Blue Baikal is an innovation that provides a platform for content creators, consumers and distributors to connect through blockchain. The platform enables this group to maximize the growing opportunities in the media and entertainment industry by eliminating the existing bottlenecks.

Current limitations that are mainly caused by intermediaries are completely removed, enabling the key industry participants to achieve their goals more easily, while maximizing the opportunities that are created.

About Coinzest

Coinzest is a leading Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange with a normalized daily trading volume of $4,842,789. Established in 2018, Coinzest growth has been impressive in terms of availability, convenience of use and security.

Over 50 coins are already listed on the Coinzest exchange, all of which are traded in 71 different markets. The platform allows for extensive market analysis through its user friendly interface that is equipped with numerous chatting tools and indicators. Also, trading fees on Coinzest are in line with the lowest attainable fees across the industry.

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