blockchain hotelJoin the largest cryptocurrency meetup in Germany, with 30 international speakers at the Blockchain Hotel, in the wonderful city of Essen. This gathering has all the high-profile speakers and industry insiders from all around the world. the speakers will present their vision of bitcoin, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralization and many other topics that are at the forefront of the public discourse right now.

The Conference at the Blockchain Hotel

This conference will take place over the weekend, from Friday September 15, 2017, until Sunday September 17. The meetup is divided into 2 full days of conferences and one day for a get together. You can purchase tickets for each day separately. This is what you can expect from this great Blockchain Hotel meetup on each day:

  • Friday September 15, 2017: A three-part conference with a total of 12 speakers for the day, a crypto-get together, lunch, a dinner buffet and a crypto party with DJ’s at the end of the day.
  • Saturday September 16, 2017: Three-part conference, this time with 15 speakers for the day, a crypto-get together, lunch, a dinner buffet and a crypto party with DJ’s at the end of the day.
  • Sunday September 17, 2017: An amazing brunch and a get together.

The List of Speakers at the Blockchain Hotel Meetup

The Blockchain Hotel meetup is really unique, not only because of its format, but also because of the quality and diversity of it speakers. The Blockchain Hotel put together a list of speakers literally from every corner of the world. The list of speakers includes:

  • Oliver Flasskämper from Bitcoin DE.
  • Andrei Martchouk from KI Decentralized GmbH.
  • Stanislav Wolf from Bitcoin Cologne.
  • Ricardo Ferrer Rivero from
  • Friedemann Brenneis from Coinspondent.
  • Prof. Sebastian Faust from RUB.
  • Aaron Koenig from PrivateKey.
  • Tey El Rjula from TYKN.
  • Frenk B.
  • Vít Jedlička President of Liberland.
  • Arnab Naskar from SICOS.
  • Markus Rogowski.
  • Jason King from Unsung.
  • Eric Benz from Cryptopay.
  • Janina Lowisz (Blockchain Girl).
  • Jörg Minckwitz from Bitwala.
  • Danny Sessom from TheCryptoShow.
  • Christopher Franko from Expanse.
  • Vladislav-Dramaliev from æternity.
  • Marshall Long from eBoost.
  • Adewale Bankole from humaniq.
  • Martin Albert from Lamium.
  • Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei from Cointelegraph.
  • Confidence Nyirenda from Bitfinance.
  • Chimweka Diamond from the Zambian Institute of Blockchain.
  • Michal Stefanow from Astralship UK.
  • David Mondrus from Trive.

Come Join Us!

With a list of speakers like that one, you shouldn’t miss this Blockchain Hotel meetup. The diversity of the speakers, their backgrounds within the industry and their insights all put together in a room over a single weekend is the perfect mixture for one of the best blockchain conferences you could ever attend. So, go ahead, get your tickets while they last. Tickets are €225 each for the Friday conference and €225 each for the Saturday conference. The Sunday get together is only €21.90! Make sure you get those tickets while there are still some left, and see you at the Blockchain Hotel meetup on September 15th!

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