Deep ICOA blockchain-powered virtual world. That sounds like something out of a science fiction story, but with The Deep ICO, it might just become the next generation of online interaction. This world will have all the characteristics of a blockchain-based project, combined with VR capabilities and social media functions in a gamified setting. Weaving all these technologies together, will allow users to build upon previous experiences and achieve an unprecedented degree of immersion.

How Will The Deep Do This?

How will The Deep achieve these ambitious goals? Simple: Through a virtual world in which users will be able to interact based on democratic principles and a Distributed Proof of Stake mechanism – DpoS – to claim and develop virtual real estate This will enable a different kind of interaction between users, one that we have never experienced yet. The Deep will deploy self-contained economic, political and social systems that will provide the basis for in-world interaction.

How Does The Deep Work?

To make this work, The Deep will have to make different technologies interact with each other at different levels. These technologies will enable the use of tools and features that will allow it to function as a virtual world that will transform human interaction. A brief review of the deployment of these tools, will allow people to understand how The Deep will work:

  • Deep tokens that will allow users to claim land within the virtual world. Deep will also allow them to exercise their democratic rights through DPoS. 1 Deep token will give its owner the right to claim a 1×1 plot of land in The Deep. There will be a maximum of 100,000,000 tokens available.
  • Distributed computing will allow for in-world saving. Users will be rewarded for dedicating computing power to this blockchain-powered data saving and distribution method. Rewards, denominated in in-game gold will allow users to pay for the development of their real estate within The Deep.
  • Election of delegates and representatives to manage The Deep. These representatives will get in-game gold rewards for their work as well.
  • The development of real estate with unique buildings that support the creation of new kinds of user experiences and interactions between users.
  • Deep API that allows users to connect any kind of payment system. This will allow users to transact among themselves freely, in a pure P2P manner.
  • Users will be able to communicate with each other through a chat app.
  • VR capabilities that will allow users with virtual reality goggles to push the creation of their experiences into a completely new realm.
  • The ability to save user experiences so that every time a user comes back into The Deep, they can build upon previous experiences.

The Deep ICO

The pre-ICO for The Deep starts in just a few hours. During this pre-ICO the first Deep tokens that will allow users to claim land, will be sold. Developers will use the funds to further the development of The Deep. That will lead into a fully fledged ICO within a year. This kind of ICO model is unprecedented and it serves to bootstrap the developers into achieving their goals within the projected time-frame.

Developing The Deep

Once this pre-ICO stage starts, developers will start working on The Deep and will use the contributions to develop the 5 levels needed for The Deep to operate as intended. These 5 levels are critical for the functionality of The Deep. These are the levels and their functions:

  • Level 1 – DPoS token creation. The token will be swapped for a token on a blockchain of its own, but for the pre-ICO it will be launched on Ethereum. This token will allow for consensus management based on stakeholder approval.
  • Level 2 – This level is responsible for land claims based on token ownership. It will be responsible for checking land availability and making sure players have the right to claim the land according to the number of tokens they have and the land they already claimed.
  • Level 3 – Developing the land that a user claims. This level will make sure that a given user is the owner of the land they want to develop. It will also be responsible for the transactions of in-game gold and all the establishment of buildings.
  • Level 4 – User interaction. This level will be responsible for the movement of avatars, social interaction and displaying nearby avatars.
  • Level 5 – Deep API. This level will be responsible for personal services on land owned by users. This level will also allow users to enable different payment methods to buy or sell services, as well as to interface with other users.

Interaction on The Deep is Unprecedented

All these levels will come together into a seamless virtual world in which users will be able to interact in an unprecedented manner. These functions and characteristics guarantee that The Deep will be a virtual world like no other. The Deep will be an immersive online social platform that will transform the way we see virtual worlds. With a VR-enhanced option, the experience will be unmatched. So, go ahead and take a deeper look at this project. Read the white paper and start imagining how you will push the boundaries of what you thought you would be able to experience. Take a dive into The Deep and enjoy an immersive experience like no other.

Click here to contribute to the ICO or to get more information about The Deep.

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