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Around 27 billion dollars of gold is passed on every day. However, it takes several days for the money transaction to be confirmed, which takes up much time in daily gold trading. The KBC system is to put an end to such time-consuming processes. As Dr. h.c. Seiz announced, “Starting with the Gold Independence Days, a full-featured gold circulation is put in place worldwide and the phrase “I will pay in KBC” means “I will pay with gold.”

The KBC system will make transactions not only faster but also transparent and secure, since there nothing is hidden, meaning anyone along the supply chain can see how, when and where the metal was produced as well as who was involved every step of the way.


And most importantly, the KaratGold Coin is a solid investment with the potential to an increase in value compared to others due to its scarcity but full acceptance. Thus, the KBC system intends to attract new investors to the gold market, which will do much good for the whole industry!

To invest in KBC, you can currently purchase KaratGold Coins on the following cryptocurrency exchanges: KaratBit, Bitforex, Coinbene, HitBTC, Coinsuper, Digifinex.

For further information visit our website http://k-merchant.com

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