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CommerceCoin, a new cryptocurrency capable of handling higher transaction volumes at quicker speeds than existing cryptocurrencies, recently launched its pre-sale. Leveraging the BitMatrix Blockchain, CommerceCoin is expected to play a key role in providing a clear mainstream use-case for cryptocurrency.


CommerceCoin Announcement

CommerceCoin is pleased to announce that its new cryptocurrency is now available for presale. CommerceCoin will be powered by the BitMatrix Blockchain service solution, and tailored to facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in commerce at every stage of global supply chains.

The Challenge That CommerceCoin Will Address

There is a rapidly increasing global interest in the use of cryptocurrencies because of their benefits over traditional currencies. However, their mainstream implementation and integration with payment providers has been delayed because of significant limitations of the existing cryptocurrencies in terms of technology and transactional capacity.

“There is a systemic transactional capacity challenge faced by existing Blockchain technologies looking to go mainstream. Even Bitcoin, as we all know, is experiencing computational delays of up to 2 hours due to lack of scaling efficiency, making it difficult to implement as a mainstream payment method,” says a senior spokesperson from CommerceCoin. “This makes finding capital liquidity, for use, between the Crypto and traditional markets a big challenge for both veteran and amateur cryptocurrency holders.” CommerceCoin looks to address this problem by utilizing BitMatrix, a Blockchain service solution with the ability to handle higher volumes of transactions at quicker speeds. This solution can be applied to a multitude of cases, including ICO prototyping, smart contract development, asset and coin minting, developer testing and government Blockchain utilization

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CommerceCoin: A World of Possibilities

Highlighting the possibilities of CommerceCoin, the company spokesperson also added, “CommerceCoin (COM), and COM-Blockchain powered by BitMatrix, offers a solution by providing an easy platform to interface between the two. Our solution shifts the ‘decentralization’ promise of cryptocurrency usability from theory to practice, by having an inherent focus on the transactional capacity required to scale for mainstream use, over and above other Blockchain use-cases.”

CommerceCoin ICO

During the ongoing presale campaign, the first 1,000,000 tokens will be offered by the company at an 80% discount. Out of a total supply of 20,000,000 tokens, 60% and 20% has been earmarked for the public and the CommerceCoin team, respectively. The remaining 20% will be kept for the partners/ advisors and bounties and airdrops (10% each). Followed by this crowd-sale campaign, the company plans to roll out a larger private sale and launch later in the month for more investors to participate.

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