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TokenomX is a three day NO pitch Blockchain conference. There are three main educational tracks geared towards Traders, ICO Founders and Investors. Expect heated debate style battles, valuable talks with actionable takeaways and networking with top quality industry leaders.

Reasons Why You Should Attend TokenomX

1) Our content is so good, you won’t get up in the middle of our talks to network by the ICO Booths.

What’s the point of putting big names on stage, if they’re all repeating what they said last week at “BlockWorldCryptoLand 17”? We have big names, but we’ve demanded big content from them, and restricted on-stage sales pitches. Isn’t time you learned something valuable at a conference for once?

2) Networking as a Service – With the Price Built into the Ticket.

We know that one great relationship is all it takes to make a conference worthwhile. So we’ve baked powerful networking activities with purpose right into the schedule. You won’t have to get up during talks or wander around the conference hall wondering who’s a good fit at TokenomX.

3) VIP Treatment – The Kind Where you Actually feel Like a VIP.

Let’s be honest, VIP is rarely worth the added cost. We’re changing that at TOKENOMX. From extra-special networking opportunities, to an exclusive villa party invite with your favorite speakers and other VIPs, we’ll make sure you never want to buy staKdard to any of our future events again.

4) Asia Blockchain Week + TokenomX = A Week Worthy of your Bucket List.

This year we are pleased to launch ‘Asia Blockchain Week’, a blizzard of blockchain/crypto events over the span of seven days. This year’s Asia Blockchain Week will take place in Bangkok from November 25th – December 2nd, kicking off with TokenomX BKK – Battle of the Blockchains! This is a fantastic way to start off an exhilarating and networking filled week of everything blockchain.

5) Bangkok – A Glittery Asian Blockchain Metropolis.

Bangkok is more than just amazing parties and wild nights worthy of the Hangover movies. It’s also an international business hub and home to a vibrant and passionate blockchain community. Learn more about the Asian Blockchain scene, network with other leaders, eat delicious Thai food, AND visit amazing temples all in one trip.

TOKENOMX is an exclusive three-day networking and education event for traders, investors, and entrepreneurs in the blockchain space. We bring together key stakeholders including CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Attorneys & Developers. Our program focuses on wealth generation and financing topics such as crypto trading strategies, ICO public and private sale allocations, ICO fundraising & marketing secrets, token analysis, technical analysis, whitepaper and website case studies, and future industry insights.

With a reputation for throwing the best events in the region, and a close connection to the biggest players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space – TOKENOMX is sure to have one of the industry’s hit global conferences on its hands. It’s definitely a first you won’t want to miss.

Visit our website: www.tokenomx.com
Shop for tickets: http://buytickets.at/tokenomx/178350
Join the Telegram Community: https://t.me/joinchat/HysI8Q-c4XgtXOuiwyTRCQ

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