4 Best Ripple Casinos to Try in 2021

Bitcoin Chaser - July 9, 2020

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Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, and with every new casino taking the opportunity to add further thrill to the gambling experience, players have to be extra careful where they put their crypto. There are a few cryptocurrencies that have picked up popularity recently, one of which is Ripple. 

The Best Ripple Casinos 

For years, online gambling was missing a spark that was brought back by the introduction of cryptocurrency to gambling. Setting that spark alight is Ripple, taking crypto gambling to new heights.

BitCasino Review

BitCasino comes out on top. Its sleek design, topped off with the ever-evolving use of cryptocurrencies, makes players’ transition from fiat to crypto that much easier. Offering a great selection of payment options and currencies, BitCasino has put a large focus on player convenience. 

Ripple allows players the chance to explore cryptocurrency gambling by using a safe and secure method. You never know, Ripple may even give your play that extra edge you have been looking for. 

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BitCasino review


We all know 1xBet as one of the leaders in the world of online sport betting. With a diverse selection of games and monetary options, players get to explore all of the possibilities of online crypto gambling. If it’s your first time, we recommend gambling it up with Ripple. 

With the guarantee of safe and secure payments, as well as rewarding wins, Ripple will take your world of gambling possibilities to a new level.

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BetFlip Casino

BetFlip is the kind of online casino that takes what you know about gambling and exceeds any expectations. To push the limits of your play, BetFlip has provided players with the option of Ripple.

Ripple ensures gamblers that all transactions will be safe and seamless and possibly result in some large rewards. The use of crypto gives gambling the edge that most players are looking for. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your already exciting crypto adventure to new heights with Ripple. 

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BetFlip review

Stake Casino

Stake Casino

Stake Casino has built up an incredible reputation over the years. With determination and hard work, Stake Casino has built up a gambling kingdom. With every aspect of this casino working like clockwork, players are never left waiting or unsatisfied. 

The only way to provide such stellar service is by choosing only the finest features and methods to make up this great platform. By having the option of Ripple, gamblers can experience the smooth adventure crypto gambling holds.

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Stake review

What is Ripple?

Ripple, is a U.S. based technology company that focuses on decentralizing your financial dreams. Ripple, is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network. With the ability to move crypto to all corners of the world in moments, ensuring instant settlement and lower exchange fees. Ripple, is a cryptocurrency that has been making waves since it started in 2012 and has worked its way up, to become one of the leading digital assets for global payments and financial freedom.

Ripple, is fast with transactions, only needing 4 seconds to clear and its scannability level is unbelievable, with 1500 transactions getting processed every second. Ripple, has been in the game for seven years, proving the stability of the currency, since the get-go. 

Another impressive fact is that Ripple is an Eco-friendly cryptocurrency. With speedy transactions, Ripple doesn’t need to waste any time proof checking or mining, cutting their costs on the energy used. The unique way of this settlement system brings some serious benefits to the player.

A Brief History of Ripple 

Ripple, was first implemented in 2004 by a web developer named, Ryan Fugger. A year later the project evolved into a financial service for the online community which was called Ripplepay. As the world of online financial services grew, possibilities became more extensive, and in 2009 the first-ever transaction occurred on the Bitcoin blockchain. This cracked open the world of crypto, later bringing to light some financial phenomenons, such as, Ripple. Striving to become the leading cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP),  was formed, to later become one of the most rewarding gambling options.

Over the years gambling has changed in many ways, from new features to new thrilling add ons, When a decentralized currency peaked its head, the gambling world caught on quickly. Over the years, Ripple, has grown in strength and value, at an alarming rate. It is estimated that  60% of cryptocurrency trade is going through the casino, poker, and betting websites. That just shows you the sheer success crypto brings gamblers. 

There have been many online casinos to add Crypto to the mix, as well as some online casinos that are exclusively crypto-based platforms. Gambling with, Ripple, gives players the opportunity to take advantage of all those crypto bonuses that can be found at only the best Ripple casinos. 

With all the activity within the crypto gambling industry, it became clear where there needed to be stringent safety measures to avoid any mishaps. In 2014, Ripple casinos saw the introduction of strict regulations which took away the risk factor of Ripple gambling. Although regulations can cause lengthy processes, in this case, the regulation amplified and strengthened the experience.

In 2016 the first licensed Crypto casino was established, Bitcasino. Licensed through the Curacao Gambling Licensing Authority, Bitcasino made some groundbreaking movements in crypto gambling.

The Advantages Of Gambling With Ripple

Before looking at the casinos that make the most of Ripple, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of gambling with it. When looking for the best crypto gambling combo, we look for things such as speed, anonymity, and low fees, as well as all the other advantages that come along with it. Ripple ticks every single one of those boxes, coming out as the crypto to beat in the gambling world. 

  • Anonymity
  • Speedy Cashouts
  • Volatility Less of an issue, then most cryptocurrencies.

Whether you are new to the crypto game or a long time better, we pretty sure you know that crypto brings aspects to your play that fiat cannot match, but Ripple goes above and beyond any other cryptocurrency, opening doors to possibilities you never believed possible. 

How to Get Hold of Ripple

Ripple follows the trend of other cryptocurrencies, making itself easily available. To get hold of the currency, all one has to do is follow 3 simple steps. 

Step one: Choose your preferred crypto wallet.

Choose a wallet that is able to store XRP. There are two options, there is a software wallet or a hardware wallet. 

  • Software wallets are free programs that are usually used on smartphones through the means of an app.
  • Hardware wallets are physical devices that connect to your computers, such as flash drives or disks.

Here are two examples of both hard and soft wallets:

Step two: Choose a platform to exchange your fiat currency to cryptocurrency. 

There are many options for exchange platforms but to get you started in the right direction, here are 3 of the best Ripple exchange options

Step Three: Make the exchange! 

Decide on how much you want to convert and follow the prompts on the chosen platform. In no time you will be reeling in the Ripple rewards.


Ride the Wave with Ripple

Taking part in the world of Ripple offers an experience that you didn’t believe was possible. Over the years, Ripple has gained some competition, with new cryptocurrencies popping up regularly. Ripples’ biggest competitions are altcoins, Ethereum and Bitcoin. With some incredible Ripple casinos now handing you crypto gambling on a silver platter, there is no better time to dive right in. Get started with the best Ripple casinos!