Sandblock Platform

A Decentralized Protocol to Define, Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction.

The Sandblock platform is a peer-to-peer Ethereum blockchain platform that enables businesses to create their own branded tokens. These tokens can  be used to reward customers for engagement, reviews and loyalty. This platform is meant as a tool through which these businesses can attract and retain customer attention and gather information with full and willing cooperation from their customers.

Sandblock Platform – The Problems


  • have far more products to choose from and far less time to research and evaluate them,
  • are bombarded with information and ignore most of it,
  • lose track of their loyalty reward and coupons,
  • miss out on potential benefits when their coupons are not relevant to them, and
  • can have difficulty switching brands out of concern of losing their loyalty benefits from their current brand.


  • struggle to access accurate and detailed consumer data,
  • have difficulty capturing consumer attention,
  • have a great deal of difficulty keeping track of customer reward points and programs,
  • customer loyalty is difficult to capture and retain due t the variety of competitors on the market offering similar products and services, and
  • consumer feedback is often polarized and unhelpful.

Sandblock Platform – The Solution


  • can freely trade or gift loyalty rewards with each other across different registered brands on the Sandblock platform on a global scale, and
  • are able to access and track their rewards via the Sandblock platform’s mobile dApp. Other uses of the dApp include anonymously:
    • answering surveys to receive reward points,
    • engaging with marketing content, and
    • reviewing products and services.


  • can gather and access anonymous data from customers,
  • reviewers can only submit their opinions once their transaction of the product or service has been confirmed on the blockchain,
  • are enabled to reward users with tokens for engaging with their content, filling out surveys and providing feedback among other functions. They can set parameters for what is considered satisfactory for consumers to be eligible for rewards, and
  • can create various loyalty programs, such Token Back or Task Fulfillment programs.

Sandblock platform

The Satsifcation (SAT) Token’s Functionality

  • Customers can convert their brand tokens to SAT tokens and then exchange them for other crypto or Fiat currencies via exchange platforms. The brand tokens will then be burned.
  • Merchants need to buy SAT tokens and then use them as a basis for creating their brand tokens. They will determine the exchange rate of the Brand token against the SAT token.

sandblock platform

Sandblock Platform’s Main ICO Details

Total Supply: 55 Million SAT
Platforms: Ethereum
For Sale (Main): 27.5 Million SAT
Hard Cap: $8 Million USD
Payment: FIAT, ETH, BTC
Main Sale Start Date:
February 28, 2018
Main Sale End Date:
June 30, 2018
Main Sale Bonus:
Tiered 0% – 15%

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