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The Coinversation is a brand new Bitcoin Podcast brought to you from the crazy minds behind Marc is a big shot Bitcoin affiliate and joining him to talk about the issues of the week, we have a whole host of analysts and experts that will chip in. Together they will bring you in depth analysis of the latest issues in the world of cryptocurrency.


Watch as we discuss breaking news from the cryptocurrency world. 

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Company Spotlight

Shedding light on the top Cryptocurrency Companies.



Interviews with Bitcoin believers and huge names in the BTC world.

ICO Spotlight

Hear about the latest initial coin offerings.

The Coinversation Podcast

This podcast was born after listening to a sports talk show bring up Bitcoin and having no clue what it was. We had more questions that we had answers to:
What is Bitcoin?

  • How did they manage to get money that no one controls into circulation?
  • How is this whole experiment going to change the world?
  • Are there good opportunities for the average internet user with this new P2P currency?

Since we started inquiring, the world of cryptocurrency exploded! Bitcoin managed to get millions of people around the globe into a completely new sector in the economy. Now that we have taken time to learn and analyse, we want to share how the idea of bitcoin and blockchain are spawning new projects and how it affects us all. We will be discussing everything from cryptocurrencies to FinTech and the myriad of blockchain projects that come into being every day.

We will tackle the main issues, making you, our listeners, the center of our coinversation. Thanks to our learning process, we have had the opportunity to grow and bring in more experts that will put all the crypto-jargon into words you and I can understand. So we hope you will tune in regularly, listen and let us know what you think, and if you like what we had to say, make sure you tag and share! We hope you join us in our own analysis process and hopefully you will get a valuable take-away or two.

To reach out to us with any questions, topic suggestions, or to make fun of our accents, you can find us on Twitter @coinversations, or of course on our YouTube channel, The Coinversation. You can also join our newsletter or comment on our latest coin-cast, and read all our in depth articles from our analysts. We will make sure to keep you posted so you get the latest information about the world of cryptocurrency.


Thank you for joining The Coinversation today and we hope that you will tune in next time.

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