Where’s Mark Karpeles

By Marc Kenigsberg | February 26, 2014

wheres mark karpeles wally

Yesterday’s shutdown of MtGox exchange and lack of response from CEO Mark Karpeles gave me the idea for a new game – Where’s Karpeles.

This comes only a day after Karpeles resigned from Bitcoin Foundation, where Gox was a founding member. This is ultimately a serious situation and a lot of people have potentially lost a lot of money (~$409 Million) in this fiasco. That being said it’s times like this when we need to laugh more than any other time.

I don’t intend to offend anyone or marginalize any losses by individuals but couldn’t help myself. So look at the pictures below and try and find Karpeles. I suspect it’s going to be easier here than in real life.

Submit your comments and solutions. I might be convinced to offer prizes!

The Where’s Karpeles Game

Based on the classic “Where’s Wally” or “Where’s Waldo” game, the aim is simple. Find Karpeles in the pictures below.

Where’s Karpeles Challenge 1

wheres karpeles challenge 1
Find Mark in the busy marketplace

Where’s Karpeles Challenge 2

wheres karpeles challenge 2
Can you spot Karpeles at the beach?

Where’s Karpeles Challenge 3

wheres karpeles challenge 3
It’s more difficult with so many Waldos around

Obviously this is not in the best taste and I mean no disrespect to people affected by this disaster.

I’m also offering an open invitation for the real Mark Karpeles to comment or grant me an interview on recent events.