The 3 Best Zcash Casinos of 2021

Bitcoin Chaser - October 5, 2020

zcash casinos

There are so many ways to broaden your gambling possibilities, but there is no better way than exploring the crypto world and trying out currencies that best fit your play. If you are looking for a high standard of security but still want the thrill and high rewards cryptocurrency is known for, then give Zcash casinos a try. As far as crypto casinos go, Zcash casinos are definitely at the forefront. So let’s take a look. 

Zcash is by far one of the most interesting substitutes for other cryptocurrencies, stealing the show from both Bitcoin and Ethereum, but is most closely compared to the cryptocurrency Monero. Zcash casinos typically offer multiple cryptocurrencies, as is the case with the crypto casinos listed below. 

Best Zcash Casinos

Strangely, even those Zcash casinos and the currency has seen so much success, there still seems to be a shortage of Zcash accepting casinos. Luckily some of the biggest names heard the call for improved cryptocurrency with amplified features. Zcash is by far one of the most enticing cryptocurrencies available. So, the next time you are in the mood to earn big, incorporate Zcash into your next gambling experience.

Here are some of the best Zcash casinos:



Bonus | 110% up to 1.5 BTC + 200 free spins
1XBit Casino


Bonus | 100% up to 1 BTC


FortuneJack Casino


By now, we are pretty sure everyone has heard of the gambling giants FortuneJack. Loaded with possibility, this online platform has perfected online gambling with great success in the crypto game. If you are looking for precision and big wins, FortuneJack Casino is the place for you. FortuneJack casino is a crypto casino, which offers Zcash gambling. As far as Zcash casinos go, FortuneJack is definitely one you want to check out.

1xBit casino


1xBit is the casino for you if you are looking for all-round excellence. Opening its doors to all the newest and most rewarding opportunities, 1xBit gamblers play is filled with excitement. 1xBit casino is a cryptocurrency casino that offers Zcash gambling as well as gambling with a variety of other cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking for security and ease of use, 1xBit is your man.

FortuneJack casino


DuckDice is a crypto casino that has been in the games for a few years now, achieving great success. DuckDice specializes in the traditional game of dice and offers some highly rewarding crypto play.

Zcash casinos are something to be sought out, with an extreme focus being put on security and anonymity, it will soon become clear to why Zcash casinos are the clear shining star in the world of online gambling.

What is Zcash?

Zcash or then known as Zerocoin, first made an appearance in early 2013, thanks to a John Hopkins University professor, Matthew D. Green. At first, the idea was to create an extension to Bitcoin’s incredibly sought after protocol. In the early stages, the team focussed on increasing the anonymity of transactions without going through a third party. Basically, they wanted to perfect the art of increasing the instead of destroying and minting each coin anew. 

A few months later the Bitcoin community rejected the proposal, this eventually led to the launch of a new cryptocurrency with a whole new protocol. In 2016, Zerocash finally launched under its new name Zcash, abbreviated as ZEC.

After the start of Zcash in 2016, the crypto coin saw a huge amount of success, topping the charts in all sorts of categories. In 2018,  Zcash received an award for the most anonymous cryptocurrencies. It is due to its high-security features and the focus to keep users anonymous, Zcash casinos have taken off, to become one of the best crypto gambling options. 

Zcash offers anonymity to gamblers
Zcash focuses on its users anonymity.

The success of Zcash can be linked to many of crypto characteristics but something that does make it stand out from the crowd is the cryptographic technique known as Zero-Knowledge Proof which is used to ensure all transactions are secure with no information being shared about where or who the money came from or is going to.

Best Zcash Wallets

Picking a Zcash wallet can be tricky, but finding what works for you is key. Kitted with an e-wallet that suits your play and provides security and comfortability, gamblers will be set to make some big moves when playing at all the best Zcash casinos. The most important things to look for when searching for the right wallet are:

  • Storage of private keys 
  • Ongoing development  
  • User friendly
  • Backup & restore options 

The best e-wallet options for Zcash are:

zcash is accepted coinpayments e-wallet
Coinpayments is an e-wallet option for Zcash

Once you have chosen your preferred wallet, you can now think about purchasing some Zcash. Here are some of the best places to exchange Zcash.

How to Get Your Hands on Zcash

Buying Zcash is a simple and straightforward method that lands up in some huge success, thanks to the huge rewards brought by Zcash casinos. Purchasing Zcash to use at Zcash casinos is simple and can be done by following these 4 steps.

  1. Get a Zcash Wallet
  2. Locate your transparent Zcash address
  3. Find a Zcash Exchange 
  4. Buy and withdraw your coins.

Gambling with Zcash

Thanks to all the impressive traits that Zcash holds, it has taken to gambling smoothly, highlighting all the most beloved aspects of crypto gambling. Over the years, the reputation Zcash has built itself is phenomenal, becoming known as the cryptocurrency that perfectly protects user data. It seems to us that in the near future Zcash casinos will become the new Bitcoin of betting. Any transactions made using Zcash is almost impossible to trace, making it the perfect match for all those gamblers looking for some privacy.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of gambling with Zcash.


Zcash uses a technology called zk-SNARKs – proof with zero disclosure. To put it simply it basically means that the validity of each transaction is confirmed without sharing any details about the sender or receiver. 


The transparency of the transactions meet the same level of transparency that Bitcoin provides, but with Zcash there you get to choose whether you want the transaction to be transparent or not.


All units have no usage history, so all coins are sold and traded at the same price. 

Cheap and Fast Transactions

Zcash has transaction fees that are next to nothing. The cost of an average transaction fluctuates between $0.001- $0.002 or even less. Besides that, the transfer takes much less time than many other crypto coins do.

Get Gambling with All The Best Zcash Casinos

Now that you know of all the advantages that Zcash brings to gambling, we are sure we will see you at all the best Zcash casino, raking in rewards you never deemed possible. Use all the tips of the trade we have provided you with and start your Zcash adventure. Crypto casinos that offer Zcash gambling are definitely forward thinking, as players are able to play securely, privately, and conveniently from the comfort of one platform. If you’re looking for a Bitcoin gambling rival, Zcash should be your go to.



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