Canaan Launches First Bitcoin Mining TV

Canaan Launches First Bitcoin Mining TV

Bitcoin mining capabilities embedded into our favorite appliances for seamless mining. This is a great concept in theory, but it might not achieve the desired results. The first Bitcoin mining TV gives us an opportunity to understand why

Vegas and its Sportsbook Odds

Vegas and its Sportsbook Odds

Las Vegas is not in the business of predicting the final scoreline; their priority is predicting what the public thinks the final score will be. Learn how sports betting really works in the mecca of gambling.

Crypto News

Watch our weekly dive into the cryptocurrency world with BroKaine. Under the focus this week is how the cryptocurrency mining craze has affected gamers, and the controversial decision by Ubex to postpone it’s ICO.

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Blockchain Nations Conference

Las VegasOctober 9th and 10th, 2018

Blockchain Nation Las Vegas will feature business icons, industry legends, key government officials, high net worth investors, top industry attorneys, industry influencers and more.

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BlockchainUA is Coming

September 14, Kiev
The strongest community in the field of blockchain and decentralized technologies is gathering to share experience and ideas for the development of the industry.

Vertex is launching the world’s first ICO aftermarket – a unique ecosystem for investors, the community, and ICOs. Read our interview with Vertex CEO Alessandro Pecorelli.

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