Best Bitcoin Casino Wager-Free Bonuses of 2024

Bitcoin casino wager-free bonuses give players the chance to claim amazing BTC deals while avoiding any cumbersome wagering requirements.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jan 17th, 2022
Updated Jul 10th, 2024
Best Bitcoin Casino Wager-Free Bonuses of 2024

Casino bonuses are always enthralling, an opportunity to earn more while you play. But there is one underlying issue with a lot of bitcoin casino and crypto casino bonuses. When you claim on casino bonuses, there are often wagering requirements that lead to players having to double, triple, or even x50 their deposit to actually receive their rewards and winnings.

And thus, wager-free bonuses have become increasingly in demand. By claiming a no wager bonus, you are able to receive and keep your reward without any worry about wagering.

We love to see our readers rewarded without any hidden agenda, so we have compiled a list of the best crypto casino and bitcoin casino wager free bonuses you can claim. Take a look at the current wager-free bonuses on offer.

Wager-Free Bonuses

What is a Wager-Free Bonus?

Wager-free bonuses are not limited to a singular description other than the fact they are wager-free. You can get wager-free deposit bonuses, wager-free no deposit bonuses, or wager-free free spins.

The general basis is that you do not have to wager a certain amount to be able to claim your bonus winnings. This is a brilliant concept, and more honest to customers, as most other bonuses require users to wager ridiculous amounts before they can withdraw their earnings related to said bonuses. 

Wagering can be explained as to “place a bet” or even the “amount of money being betted”. So when a bonus is offered as wager-free, it essentially means there are no requirements to be met in terms of betting in order to truly claim. 

How Do Wager-Free Bonuses Work?

Wagering means that sometimes you may have to bet your bonus amount more than 30 times, sometimes less or more, its value. If your bonus is $150, then you would need to bet around $4500 to withdraw.

If you get free spins, the wagering amount does not link to a monetary amount, but rather a multiplier on your winnings. That’s a lot of time and hope spent on a bonus, especially when that bonus and its funds aren’t even promised.

Now how does wager-free work? Simple, you just claim your bonus and enjoy it. No rules or requirements, just fun and profits. 

There may be some conditions that follow no wager, aside from milestones needing to be reached.

Some no wager, or wager free bonuses, may set a profit cap. Meaning once you win a certain multiplier on your winnings, the bonus will be over. Another condition may be a time limit for the bonus. These are easy trade-offs when you know your profits are ensured. 

When Can You Claim Them?

This depends on the casino offering the no wager bonus, although they are not as commonly offered due to their unlimited nature. There are some casinos that offer wager-free bonuses on first deposits or even sign up.

Some casinos may even break up these bonuses over three separate deposits.

For example, Vegaz Casino offered a 250% up to €1000 welcome bonus plus 150 free spins. But it was actually a 100% bonus up to €300 plus 50 free spins for the first deposit, and the total added up over 2 more bonuses.

Some casinos just offer free spins no wager, meaning you can use your free spins and claim the rewards regardless of how much you wager while playing them. 

Most likely, you can claim your no-wagering bonuses at sign-up, deposit, or whenever else they are available. You may be able to just click accept the bonus, or you may need to enter a code. Regardless, you can claim no wager bonuses whenever they are available. 

Pros and Cons of Wager-Free Bonuses

While there are clearly many benefits to wager-free bonuses, which is clearly why they are fan favorites, this wouldn’t be a fair article unless when went over their flaws as well. For the integrity of this article, we will now cover the pros and cons of wager-free bonuses: 


  • No wagering requirements 
  • Bonus and funds ensured
  • Withdraw whenever you want
  • Play games with bonus funds
  • No extra deposits needed to fulfill wagering


  • Less lucrative 
  • May have a time limit
  • May have a win limit 
  • Difficult to find

We believe that smaller bonuses that ensure success are greater than lucrative bonuses that you may never actually be able to achieve. While there are some disadvantages to wager-free casino bonuses, they are not impactful enough to take away from the many and deep value offered. But consider all factors before choosing what bonuses you want to claim on.


What is the wagering requirement?

The wagering requirement laid out by a casino applies to bonuses and is the required amount a person must bet or multiply their bonus by before they can claim their funds or winnings.

What is a wager free bonus?

A wager-free bonus is a bonus that does not have any wagering requirements, meaning you do not need to achieve a certain amount of bets before you can claim your bonus funds.

What is a no wager casino?

A no-wager casino is a casino that provides wager-free bonuses and promotions, meaning you can withdraw and use your bonus funds without having to meet a wagering requirement.

Do free spins have wagering requirements?

Yes, free spins will often require you to meet a certain multiplier on your winnings before you are able to withdraw your funds and winnings from the bonus.

What are wager free spins?

Wager-free free spins are free spins that come with no requirements, meaning you can use them however you want and withdraw your winnings from them whenever you want.

Are no wager bonuses better?

This depends, no wager bonuses are easier to use and provide guaranteed success within the bonus, but wagering bonuses are generally more lucrative although harder to claim.


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