Ace’s Rewards: Duelbits 50% Rakeback Bonus


Simply sign-up to Duelbits and you’ll unlock Ace’s Rewards, with a nearly 50% rakeback bonus.

Instant Bits: Claim a 10% rakeback of all your wagered, house edge, instantly.

Daily Bits: You can claim a 5% daily rakeback on all your wagers, house edge, with the simple press of a button.

Weekly Bits: Much like Daily Bits, with just the press of a button, you’ll receive a 5% weekly rakeback on all your wagers, house edge.

Monthly Bits: Monthly Bits is exactly the same as the Daily and Weekly Bits, all you need to do to claim the 5% Monthly rakeback is just press the button.

The Bits received depend entirely on the wagers made throughout the different lengths of time.

Duelbits Rakeback


Site Duelbits
Bonus Nearly 50% rakeback
Eligible Game All
Players Eligible All
Bonus Duration Daily, Weekly, Monthly

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