Duelbits Rakeback – Ace’s Rewards

Duelbits offers an amazing rakeback system which allows players to claim back a percentages on their wagers.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Aug 26, 2022 and updated Jan 16th, 2023
Duelbits Rakeback – Ace’s Rewards


Nearly 50% rakeback

Simply sign-up to Duelbits and you’ll unlock Ace’s Rewards, with a nearly 50% rakeback bonus.

Instant Bits: Claim a 10% rakeback of all your wagered, house edge, instantly.

Daily Bits: You can claim a 5% daily rakeback on all your wagers, house edge, with the simple press of a button.

Weekly Bits: Much like Daily Bits, with just the press of a button, you’ll receive a 5% weekly rakeback on all your wagers, house edge.

Monthly Bits: Monthly Bits is exactly the same as the Daily and Weekly Bits, all you need to do to claim the 5% Monthly rakeback is just press the button.

The Bits received depend entirely on the wagers made throughout the different lengths of time.

Duelbits Rakeback

Bonus Details

Casino DuelBits
Bonus Type Cashback
Eligible Game All
Players Eligible All
Valid For Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Terms and Conditions

Here are some of the terms and conditions that apply to Duelbits’ Rakeback bonus:

  • Must register an account to be eligible for rakeback bonus.
  • Bonus is only available once per account / per person.
  • Bits received depend on the wagers made throughout the different lengths of time.

We strongly advise you to read all the terms and conditions on the website before accepting the bonus. You can find this on Duelbits’ promotion page. And if you are in any doubt, contact Duelbits via live chat or email on their website.