Minesweeper Gambling Sites

Will you bomb your chances to will big or will you blow up your balance? The choice is yours, and the game is minesweeper, otherwise known as mines. 

This classic and nostalgic game is no longer the basics of your Microsoft package, the rise of online casinos has transformed this game into high-quality entertainment and big wins. Whether you are a lover of the classic or a gambler fanatic, minesweeper may be the game for you. In this guide, we will be taking a look at the best minesweeper crypto casinos, the types of minesweeper games, some tragedies, as well as terminology. Stick around until the end for some fun facts. So let’s dive into everything about minesweeper gambling.

Minesweeper casinos

How we pick the best minesweeper casinos

Recommending great casinos is our highest priority. We take pride in providing top-tier and trustworthy platforms to ensure an enjoyable and secure gambling experience.

This is what we look for when vetting crypto minesweeper casinos.

  • User-friendly interface

    We select minesweeper casinos that are easy to use, clear to navigate and perform actions on your account.

  • casino game icon

    Game selection

    We only put forward casinos that offer an excellent range of minesweeper games.

  • customer support icon

    Customer support

    Being able to get help when needed is vital, so we recommend minesweeper gambling sites that are supported by professional customer support

  • payment icon


    We seek out sites that accept a wide variety of crypto and other payment options, so you can play minesweeper with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or whatever you want.

  • star rating icon


    We review platforms' reputations online, discover critial reports, and weight these against our own experiences.

  • bonuses icon

    Bonuses and promotions

    To get more for your crypto, we look for minesweeper gambling sites featuring unique bonuses and promotions.

We consider other factors, but overall we want to ensure the minesweeper casinos we recommend are trustworthy and secure. We outline our overall experiences and thoughts in our casino reviews, so be sure to check those out if you want our most comprehensive opinions.

How to play minesweeper at a crypto casino

There are a good choice of minesweeper casinos out there. If you are ready to start playing you can follow these steps to get started.

  1. Find an online casino that has a selection of minesweeper games and ticks all the boxes you are looking for in an online casino
  2. Register and create an account at the casino. You maybe be asked to confirm your account via email. Some casinos are also anonymous, which makes this step very quick and easy.create an account at a minesweeper casino
  3. Make a deposit at your chosen minesweeper casino. For this you will need a crypto wallet with your cryptocurrency of choice. Send the amount you want to play with to the despot address at the online casino. At this point you can claim any bonuses you want as well.

    If you are not sure what wallet you need, try our guide to the best cryptocurrency wallets for online gambling.deposit crypto at a minesweeper casino

  4. Select your favorite minesweeper game, read the game instructions if anything is unclear, and start playing.select a minesweeper game
  5. For the lucky winners, you can cashout winnings back to your cryptocurrency wallet. You will have the funds back in your wallet in no time.cashout winnings from a minesweeper casino

Types of minesweeper at crypto casinos

There are not a ton of variants of this game, given its simple nature. But that’s alright because most casinos allow players to customize their experience. You can select from options such as beginner, intermediate, and expert. These gameplay options are in regard to the board layout as well as the payout. The beginner version features a smaller grid, with smaller payouts. And in the same respect, the expert version will feature a larger playing grid with larger payouts.

Grid layouts vary from:

  • 2×3 grid
  • 3×6 grid
  • 4×9 grid
  • 5×12 grid
  • 6×15 grid

Players should also note that not every gambling version gives a clue about surrounding bombs. It’s all based on luck. But there are a few that will give you a number based on how many bombs are surrounding the square you last selected. So we recommend choosing ones that are more logic based rather than games of chance. 

Most popular cryptocurrencies at minesweeper casinos

The use of cryptocurrencies provides faster, safer, and cheaper transactions. As a result, an increasing number of online casinos are choosing to adopt blockchain-backed digital currencies. These are the most common cryptocurrencies that can be used in minesweeper casinos:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin (USDC)

As Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency, thus it has received the most coverage and had the most time to be implemented on such a large scale. Casinos like Stake have also confirmed that Litecoin was their most player-preferred cryptocurrency for transactions. Cryptocurrencies such as USDT and USDC have also seen significant adoption within the gambling industry due to their stable nature. All cryptocurrencies have different pros and cons at end of the day, so it’s important to DYOR (do your own research) and pick the one that works best for you.

Minesweeper betting strategies

Before we bring you some top-rated strategies, we thought it is best to give a disclaimer that mines/minesweeper is a game of chance. Because gambling is mainly based on luck, no strategy guarantees a win or continuous wins. These strategies may provide you with a more educated approach and lead to fewer reckless losses, but they by no means promise a win. With that said, let’s get into some of the best minesweeper betting strategies.

  • Start small: New players should start with smaller bets until they get the gist of the game. Even experienced gamblers should start small until they get the hang of this specific version of minesweeper. Starting smaller allows you to gauge the game mechanics, find the most profitable path, and try the game before betting big. 
  • Use the corners: The corners usually provide players with a more informative outlook on where the next mines are. The corners have fewer surrounding squares which means fewer surrounding mines. Especially if you are playing a clue-based version, this strategy will make guessing a whole lot easier. 
  • Use logic: Minesweeper varies between a logic-based game and a game of chance, depending on the version you are playing. If you are playing a variant with clues, use these to your advantage to deduce where mines are. If you detect a number 1 clue, and the bomb on your line has already been detected next to you, you know all the surrounding squares from your last guess are safe to choose. 
  • Guessing can sometimes be your best bet: Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you can not accurately predict where the mines are, especially on the non-clue-based versions. Sometimes you have to make a guess move and hope luck is on your side. 
  • Use general strategies: Players like to use age-old strategies such as the Martingale system to increase their wins. By increasing your bet every time you don’t win, when you do eventually win it will be on a big bet amount leading to a big payout amount. 
  • Know when to cash out: The further your process along the grid, the more your multiplier increases, thus increasing your payout. But you do not always have to make it to the end to claim your win. The further you get, the higher the payout, but this also increases the risk. It might be worth cashing out before you hit a mine and lose everything. 

Minesweeper terminology

Minesweeper has unique terminology of its own. Understanding the game and language of minesweeper is vital before you decide to deposit and start betting at an online casino. Here are some of the main minesweeper terms to master so you can impress your friends and know what to do in every situation: 

  • Cell: This refers to the individual squares on a mines/minesweeper grid. 
  • Mine: This refers to the bomb in the game, if you click the mine, the game is over. 
  • Reveal/Open: To reveal or open refers to the act of clicking a cell to expose what is underneath. 
  • Board/Grid: This refers to the layout of cells that make up a minesweeper game. 
  • Sweeping: This refers to the process of revealing cells that are safe.
  • Number/Clues: This refers to a number clue that indicates the total number of bombs surrounding your last selected cell. 
  • Safe Cell: This refers to a cell that does not contain a mine. 
  • Mistake: This refers to a player clicking on a cell that contains a mine, thus leading to the end of the game.
  • Endgame: This refers to the final stage of the minesweeper game, where only a few cells remain unrevealed. 
  • Neighbor: This refers to all of the adjacent cells to another cell. Each cell can only have a maximum of eight neighbors. These neighbor cells can be found left, right, up, down, and diagonal.
  • Deterministic: This refers to a game situation where the player can determine the position of the next mine, and can thus make a logical choice to avoid it and choose a safe cell. This is a deterministic move. 
  • Non-deterministic: This refers to a game situation where the player can not determine the position of the next mine and has to guess. This is a non-deterministic move. 

Fun facts about minesweeper

Before we end off our minesweeper gambling guide, we thought we would have a little fun and tell you some facts about the game, its origins, records, and more. So let’s dive into these minesweeper fun facts: 

  • The original minesweeper game was created by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson, who were both Microsoft employees when the game debuted. The game was initially released in 1989. 
  • Although the classic minesweeper we know today was only released in 1989, there was a predecessor which was launched in 1960 known as Mined-Out.
  • The game was originally developed as a teaching tool. The aim was to increase users’ familiarity with a mouse, with the left click revealing cells and the right click flagging mines. 
  • The rarest numbers in the game are 7 and 8, it is estimated that getting an 8 in minesweeper has a  probability rate of 0.0008219. 
  • The largest minesweeper game was played on a 38×24 cell grid which featured 198 mines. The game was finished in an incredible 112 seconds.