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Real name Armando
Streaming name Mando

Who Is Mando?

Armando, better known online as Mando, is an IRL streamer who lives in his car while traveling the country, enjoying fishing, hiking, and embracing life to the fullest. He shares his adventures on Kick, where he has over 12.32K followers. Alongside his outdoor content, he engages in gambling streams, playing at the online casino Stake using virtual currencies like Sweep Coins (SC) or Stake Cash directly from his mobile phone while on the move.

Where Does Mando Gamble?

When Mando isn’t exploring outdoors, he can often be seen gambling on his phone at the online casino Stake.

Mando’s Favorite Casino Games

He can be seen playing his favorite slots such as:

  • Sugar Rush 1000
  • Fruit Party
  • Slayers INC ™ 
  • Santa’s Great Gifts
  • Mines
  • Blackjack

Mando’s Highlights and Achievements:

Incredible win on Sugar Rush 1000.


Mando is not your typical streamer. Living life on the road in his trusty car, he captures the thrill of outdoor escapades like fishing and hiking while also bringing the excitement of mobile gambling to his Kick channel. From adrenaline-pumping slots like Sugar Rush 1000 to the strategic allure of Blackjack, his content offers a blend of natural exploration and thrilling gaming moments, making every stream a unique adventure for his dedicated audience.

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