Testing RewardOne of the most exciting new casinos is about to launch and it is looking for someone exactly like you! That’s right, now you can do some work for and get paid with a dividend yielding, Ethereum-powered token! The only thing you need to do is help SmartRoulette test its roulette game and all its features.

So how exactly does this gig work?

To be able to participate, you just have to follow a few simple instructions:

  • Create a MetaMask wallet.
  • Spin 10 times on the roulette’s TestNet.
  • Fill in a standard test questionnaire to evaluate the game and give the developers all the details of the errors you found.
  • Post about your testing experience on Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, or on gambling forums, stating specifically that you took part in the SmartRoulette testing.
  • Send the form in and you will be credited with your reward! requires you to have a social media profile with more than 100 friends, followers or subscribers, and it requires you to have a good reputation on the forums for you to be eligible to be a tester. All the rest is just about playing, having fun, writing about the errors, posting and sending the form. It is that simple!

The Reward

As a tester, you will be rewarded with between 1,000 and 5,000 tokens (between $27 and $135 USD at March 10th rates). It all depends on the quality and depth of your work as a tester. These tokens also yield dividends, since RLT token holders get a 3% dividend from’s profits. This means that you can work once, get paid, and you can keep on earning dividends from the money you already earned while you do something else!

This job is a great opportunity for you to make some money while you have fun, and then have your money work for you! If you like to gamble yourself, you can also think of it as a bonus, because you will be able to use the tokens you earn to hit those huge Ether jackpots on SmartRoulette! So what are you waiting for? It is time to join the tester team at SmartRoulette and make some smart money!


Click here to download the tester’s questionnaire.

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