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AMREC is an American based renewable energy corporation seeking to innovate and reinvent the way we use energy-related by-products. Some of the cheapest countries worldwide have come out to say they do not believe in the power of powering blockchain, banning mining or crypto in itself. China has made multiple attempts to limit the livelihood of miners from mining center raids to spreading fear across borders. The Chinese community was one of the leading bitcoin providers worldwide; the government claims the ban was brought upon by excess electricity consumption. Some would say this is unfair and dismissive about the needs of their people; we call it dirty. Enters AMREC, the clean energy corporation curing corporate corruption.

Empowering the Future

AMREC is providing energy-based businesses a chance to excel; they are producing a cleaner future. Coal burnt electricity is profoundly damaging for our environment and very costly to our ecosystem, not only will these resources run out but the implications will stay with us and our children for decades to come. By harnessing the power of renewable energy, we will not only benefit from these infinite assets but also be contributing to a better future backed behind them.

For years the world has acknowledged the problem, yet as a civilization occupying our earth, we have not done anything to tackle further one of the most significant issues, which challenges our very existence. Non-renewable energy will be the bane of our existence, destroying and biologically degrading the earth of our children’s reality, who do not yet exist, as a civilization we can push past problems because they do not affect us directly. Now, however, is the time to take a stand, to start a project, to protect our world, in turn exponentially improving long-term technological advancements and the sustainable industrialization of our planet. AMREC seeks to power this future.

How AMREC is doing it

Listening to the wind AMREC is utilizing VAWT generators to power the world to come, referring to Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. These will benefit AMREC in energy harvesting in a diverse range of ways, first being that they are closer to the ground thus making them easier to construct and repair. Because of their unique shape, they can catch the wind flow from a variety of directions which older model generators could not, this will allow VAWTs to be positioned in numerous places regardless of accessibility to high winds due to their omnidirectional design. Referring back to their shape, they are smaller, so closer spacing is possible, increasing the amount of generators and energy produced. Their general design is more accessible, safer and more effective in processing wind-powered energy.

Benefits to the Blockchain

With the increasing numbers of ICOs coming out, mining has to expanded exponentially and thus the electricity needed. AMREC is benefitting the whole blockchain community by producing a cheaper and cleaner energy source for these miners to use, powering a stronger crypto ecosystem. They plan to provide this energy to electrical companies to decrease general prices to miners and less pollution to the planet. Having a project like this built on the blockchain is sure to accumulate positive criticism and give governments little to grovel about.

The Power of AMREC

AMREC lays claims to having a global patent on the world’s safest, most efficient and most cost-effective, wind energy technology. Behind this patent is a project looking for more than fame, they are seeking to create a cleaner world. They are innovating the blockchain ecosystem, energy sector, and future of all. AMREC is continuously putting resources towards researching ways to make energy more cost-efficient and less damaging for many tomorrows to come.

Get involved in a project innovating, secure the safety of our grandchildren’s future by promising them a cleaner world. AMREC is not just that project; it’s a promise of progression so if you believe in a brighter future and better blockchain then join them. The future starts with you, help AMREC build it.

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