coins bank gateway servicesIn 2016, CoinsBank, a 4-year-old company, had its first ever educational event as part of the “CoinsBank Blockchain Adventures” in the Turkish Riviera.  Due to that event’s success and positive feedback, CoinsBank decided to take it one step further and in May of 2017 CoinsBank held its 2nd Blockchain Adventure, the first ever Blockchain Cruise (

Once again, CoinsBank did not disappoint with the 2017 Blockchain Cruise.  With many of the industry’s top speakers and professionals, and representation from 19 countries, it was a fun, valuable and educational experience.  With the success of its maiden voyage and the overwhelming, raving reviews, CoinsBank announced its 2nd cruise event, Blockchain Cruise Asia, shortly after.

CoinsBank, which has always been an exchange with very high fiat currency to cryptocurrency daily volume, has traditionally done most of their business very quietly.  However, recently, CoinsBank has become a lot more active in the crypto-block-fin community.  Sending representatives to attend conferences, regularly sponsoring events globally, implementing the entertaining and educational Blockchain Adventures, CoinsBank is beginning to make its mark as one of the companies that will define the future of this industry.  This mark is also backed by statistics published by Coin Market Cap which shows that CoinsBank has been exchanging over $34 million daily between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

With other events in the record books and the next CoinsBank Blockchain Adventures, Blockchain Cruise Asia ( and Thai Blockchain Conference ( less than 90 days away, CoinsBank management has been laser focused on preparations for their events, and the agenda is beginning to take form.

Recently, CoinsBank published on their event website the names of some of the speakers for Blockchain Cruise Asia.  It is a power-packed line-up including individuals such as Andrew Filipowski (Executive Chairman & CEO of SilkRoad Equity) and John McAfee (CEO @ MGT Capital Investments).  CoinsBank is also expecting to have representation from more than 25 countries either in attendance or as speakers, including some government officials, politicians and royalty.

With the “A-list” guests and speakers, the valuable education and networking, Blockchain Cruise Asia will be a great event for everyone in the blockchain industry to attend.  However, not only will the conference be amazing, but for the same price as what would typically only cover admission (and maybe coffee and tap water) at most blockchain events, the following is included:

  • All meals
  • Premium drink package
  • Entertainment and
  • High speed internet

Also included with the purchase of Blockchain Cruise Asia event tickets is the Thai Blockchain Conference, as well as transportation to and from Paradise Beach (Thai event location) and the entertainment, meals and drinks at the Thai event.  If you are only able to attend Thai Blockchain Conference, which will be an incredible event by itself, you can purchase your tickets @

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