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A second edition of Pitcher Perfect was held on 24 April with more than 35+ industry leaders sharing their knowledge and expert opinion with innovative and creative start-ups.

In today’s hyper-connected world, constant innovation and development is crucial for every business, and so is an adequate availability of funds. At Pitcher Perfect by UCIM, we connect visionaries from diverse industries to network, connect and dine together. We are in a constant effort to build a network of people who share the same drive and vision, as we believe that having a strong network is one of the most important assets for anyone who wants to make a strong impact on the world.

In search for more of such creative people from emerging fields, Pitcher Perfect organized a private meet in an intimate setup for ingenious projects and high-profile investors and presented them with an opportunity to build a strong network. We not only wish for them to connect them with each other but also with people other like-minded visionaries, and of course with us.

We are proud to have had the presence of visionary entrepreneurs at Pitcher Perfect:

  • “Tokenizing” the media industry” Speech by Hendrick Hey, CEO, and Founder of MILC
  • “Mobile Staking DPos, Debit Bank Card, Mobile Banking” Speech by Maximilian Kozdroń, CCO of Atronocom crypto-first banking globally
  • Speech on “digital asset exchange focused on providing the ability to institutional investors to invest securely in crypto” by Marcus Lim, CEO of Zipmex.
  • “Practical infrastructure for building and using dApps” by Alexander Randarevich, CEO of Aerum providing a complete infrastructure for permission-less financial Applications serving a decentralized economy, with real-time and free transactions to consumers and nearly unlimited scalability.
  • “Developing Ultra secure blockchain wallet” by Ruben Merre, CEO of Ngrave A true end-to-end solution to protect your holdings from every attack vector
  • “Streamline the trading process, create smart equity scores and price targets” by Appo Agbamu, CEO of Ahrvo Deex
  • “BaFin, STO, BITBOND and Stellar’s Blockchain” Speech by Radoslav Albrecht, Founder and CEO of Bitbond
  • “High-quality traditional banking services to firms in the crypto and blockchain space” by Daniel Spier, CEO of Initium
  • “A futuristic platform for visual storytellers, with the aim of meeting people who share the same interest in bringing value to the users, not only monetizing on them” Speech by Carlo Nicora, CEO of Phlow
  • Rastislav Bakala, CEO of Loteo on “Disrupting Lottery system by blockchain”
  • “The world’s first fully regulated blockchain bank account ” by Robert Harrison, Head of business development of Bitwala
  • “Building a network of users in the sports industry” by Cem Kumlar, CEO of Libereum
  • “Ecosystem enabler how to?” Speech by NGO HOANG QUYEN, CEO of Bcnex

These innovative projects with their flaring pitches added a sparkle to Pitcher Perfect and brought it closer towards its vision. These pioneering projects are the future of innovation.

Furthermore, the event was graced by industry leaders such as Earlybird, Plug and Play, BTOV Ventures, Calvary Venture,Techstar, Lakestar, Kintaro Capital, Motu Venture, INVOA. One could literally experience the flow of wisdom in the atmosphere at the event.

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