’s April 2024 Wagered Volume Revealed

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Published May 3rd, 2024’s April 2024 Wagered Volume Revealed, the new crypto gambling platform that was launched in February 2023, has recently revealed some interesting insights into its wagered volume for April 2024. Noah Dummett, the face behind the, shared a graph on X, showing the monthly wagered volume, which quickly gained traction of its users.

The graph illustrates the distribution of wagered volume of Shuffle, displaying a clear increase in volume as the year progresses.

Chart showing the total amount wagered at Shuffle gambling site in April

These figures demonstrate a significant growth in wagered volume throughout the year, with April being the highest month so far.

According to the post by Dummett, Shuffle’s monthly volume for April had reached a staggering $1.25 billion in wagered volume, with a significant portion of it coming from non-SHFL (Shuffle) tokens.

The tweet sparked a lively discussion among the community, with users asking questions and seeking clarification on various aspects of the platform. One member asked about the fate of SHFL tokens in case users lose them in games. Dummett promptly responded, explaining 30% of the lost tokens are burned, while the remaining 70% goes to the bankroll.

One user asked about the distribution of wagered volume among different tokens, including SHFL, ETH, SOL and stablecoins. Dummett revealed that more than 80% of the wagered volume comes from non-SHFL tokens, indicating a wide user base and a strong demand for the platform’s services.

Moreover, one user sought insights in seeing the breakdown of the wagered volume between sports gambling and slot-based games. Dummett then shared that sports gambling typically accounts for a relatively small portion of the wagered volume, which can fluctuate depending on the sporting events taking place.

Screenshot of Shuffle gambling site is quickly growing in popularity.

The discussion surrounding Shuffle’s impressive wagered volume and the community’s engagement with Dummett highlight the platform’s growing popularity and the team’s commitment to transparency and community involvement. As the crypto betting space continues to evolve, Shuffle’s focus on innovation and user experience is likely to drive its growth and success in the months to come.

With its impressive wagered volume and a strong community backing it, Shuffle is poised to become a major player in the crypto betting industry. As the platform continues to expand its offerings and improve its services, users can expect a more engaging and rewarding gambling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a newcomer to the world of crypto betting, Shuffle is definitely a platform worth keeping an eye on.

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