6 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets for Online Gambling

Using the correct wallet when gambling online is essential, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best crypto wallets for gambling.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jun 14, 2022 and updated Dec 13th, 2022
6 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets for Online Gambling

Navigating the cryptocurrency space gets complicated as a casino player. It is not like a credit card, where you can just enter your account number and CVV. Within crypto casinos, you are expected to figure out the amount, send it to the correct address, and pay some additional fees along the way. Entering the wrong address, or even one wrong letter could mean losing your funds. Signing up and using the best cryptocurrency wallets for gambling will make your life a whole lot easier.

There are three main types of cryptocurrency wallets that are popular among gamblers, all for different reasons. The three main types of cryptocurrency wallets used for casino payments are desktop wallets, cloud-based wallets, and mobile wallets.

Finding the best cryptocurrency wallets for gambling can reduce complexity, fees, waiting time, and risks. If you are a cryptocurrency gambler, then scroll down to find out our top crypto gambling wallet suggestions. 

We can not say for sure which cryptocurrency wallets are the best for gambling, but through trial, community sentiment, and figures, you can get pretty close. So here it is, the best cryptocurrency gambling wallets. 



MetaMask currently has a user base of roughly 21 million monthly active users, and it has quickly become one of the most popular crypto wallets. MetaMask supports Ethereum and tokens built on networks compatible with the Ethereum blockchain such as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom. It is widely support at online casinos, with BSpin even offering it as a method to login. MetaMask has relatively low fees ranging from 0.3% to 0.875%.

If you would like to learn more about MetaMask, read our MetaMask Gambling Guide.

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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet logo

Over 25 million people use Trust Wallet and it comes recommended as the wallet of choice by some of the biggest cryptocurrency casinos in the world, including Stake. With Trust Wallet you can buy, exchange, and securely store cryptocurrency. Trust Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and every other coin you could think of. The Trust Wallet app has very good user rating on the Apple App and Google Play stores, and they make the process of setting up and using the wallet clear and easy to understand. For online gambling this is a solid choice.

To learn more about this wallet read our guide to Trust Wallet gambling and casinos.

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BlockStream Green Wallet

BlockStream Green Wallet

A long-time contender in the crypto wallet space, BlockStream Green Wallet is praised as one of the most secure wallets in the market. BlockStream does not allow you to buy and sell crypto, they are not an exchange but a Bitcoin wallet. You can securely receive, store, and send BTC with BlockStreams Green Wallet. The Green wallet does not charge any fees upon executing transactions.

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BRD (BreadWallet)


BreadWallet has a vast user base, operating in a total of 170 countries with plans to keep expanding. This Bitcoin wallet currently serves more than 10 million users worldwide. They may be labeled a Bitcoin wallet, but they accept over 85 cryptocurrency coins and tokens. This wallet does not charge fees to send transactions but users are expected to pay for their network “transaction fees”. 

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Electrum is a very popular non-custodial Bitcoin wallet and is highly reputable among cryptocurrency users. Electrum supports hardware wallet integration, working with well-known wallets such as Ledger-Nano S, Trezor, and more. This wallet may only accept Bitcoin, but its lack of supported currencies is made up for by its great security and low fees. Electrum has a flat fee rate of roughly 0.2 mBTC. 

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One of the older cryptocurrency wallets, and have garnered a well-established reputation in the industry. This wallet is compatible with a variety of hardware wallets too, including Ledger, Trezor, and more. They have a limited list of supported cryptocurrencies but do accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several ERC-20 tokens. Fees are low and can range anywhere from $0.25 to $8. 

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Gamble Safely And Securely

Cryptocurrency gambling does not have to be intimidating, confusing, or risky, with the help of these crypto gambling wallets you can play in peace. 

We have selected these cryptocurrency wallets for gambling for a variety of reasons. Some are more user-friendly, some have heightened security, others offer great fees, and some are just fan favorites. Before choosing your preferred cryptocurrency gambling wallet, think about what you are looking for.

Our list of recommendations should help narrow down your options to the best of the best. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallets, Bitcoin Chaser has you sorted.

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