8 Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites of 2024

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Aug 3, 2022 and Updated Jun 3rd, 2024
8 Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites of 2024

The explosion of cryptocurrency has wholly modernized and transformed online betting to the point where it is fast becoming the preferred currency of betting. More and more people are seeking out the best sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin and crypto to have a better and more varied gaming experience. Therefore, we have decided to highlight the advantages of these crypto sports betting sites and select a few of the very best.

Best Bitcoin sports betting sites

Boost your bets by adding crypto to the equation. Crypto exaggerates all the sports betting features gamblers already love, turning online betting into a life-altering experience.

These are our top Bitcoin & crypto sports betting sites.

Vave is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sports betting site that not only accepts a wide range of altcoins but also features all the big games and matches you would want to bet on. 

Vave Sportsbook also features a dedicated live betting section that allows you to easily find and bet on games in play. 

You can get more for your buck at Vave as well with a great range of sports betting bonuses, including cashback promotions and a rewarding VIP program.


100% up to 100 USDT + 100 Free Spins

Stake is rated as one of the best Bitcoin sports betting sites in the world, and has partnered with several international sports stars. Stake offers competitive betting lines, and offers an extensive list of cryptocurrencies. At Stake you will find a wide range of betting markets, including sports with a relatively smaller following.

Stake is known for sports betting bonuses. It will usually have promotions for the leagues or sports with bigger fan bases that run throughout a season or a long period of time. The online sportsbook provides a supply of amazing promotions, some of which offer a share of up to $100,000.

Stake offers an early cash out and, on top of that, free withdrawals and deposits.


200% up to $1000

BC.Game offers a wide range of sports betting across over 80 markets. It accepts a massive array of currencies, with more than 150 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies combined. BC.Game also features massive welcome bonuses worth up to $220000.

With daily promotions and an extensive VIP programme, BC.Game is a mobile friendly sports betting site and with a seamless user interface. 

On top of all this, BC.Game is available in most countries, including the USA.


Up to 180% first deposit bonus

Housebets is a crypto sportsbook powered by blockchain. Place your bets directly on the blockchain and say goodbye to any middlemen taking a cut of the action. You will be given a transaction ID (tx ID) to confirm the bet. This ensures that all bets placed on Housebets are fair and transparent, giving the power back to the users.


300% Deposit Bonus

Bitsler is a Bitcoin sportsbook that is on par with the best in the business. It is also licensed by a crypto operator, proving its legitimacy. 

Bitsler accepts deposits and withdrawals in 15 different cryptocurrencies, and over 27 methods in total for making deposits or withdrawals.

They are currently running promotions on the NBA, Champions League, the English Premier League, making it a great place to bet on Football with crypto. Bitsler has a lot of tournaments, but the majority of them are seasonal.


100% up to $700

Thunderpick offers a lot of Bitcoin sports betting odds, and you can go as far as betting on more than 100 different outcomes on major events. They have more than 15 different sports and over a dozen esports. Thunderpick also hosts an active community live chat where you can mingle with fellow bettors. This chat is active in 7 different languages.

Thundepick also offers VIP membership and this comes with huge perks as soon as you subscribe. With a world-class design, you can easily understand how to use the site. 

Featuring weekly prize pools, there is always a chance to win something big at Thunderpick.


100% up to €550

Cyber.bet is a pioneer of esports betting as it offers over 1000 esports events monthly. It also offers payouts above 91%. For those that have used it, they speak on its wide selection of betting selections.

Cyber.bet also hosts a live Twitch channel available on the platform that allows bettors to get updated with game events. It also offers an app that is available to android users.

It allows a minimum deposit of €10, which is usually an amount most bettors can handle. The registration process does not pester and is relatively straightforward and easy. This is a perfect site for those looking to bet on esports as well as traditional sports.


50% Deposit Bonus up to $300

TrustDice is one of the best Bitcoin sports betting sites you can find. It charges zero withdrawal fees, and has one of the fastest customer support teams in the business that usually replies within 90 seconds.

TrustDice offers multiple sports betting bonuses, such as a sign up bonus, deposit bonus and many other rewards.

And with instant payouts, you can withdraw easily at TrustDice.


Up to 3 BTC + 25 Free Spins

What makes a great Bitcoin sports betting site?

Choosing the best sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin & Crypto involves checking which offers the purest cryptocurrency experience with all the advantages it brings, as well as the best bonuses and odds.

It is essential to know the sportsbook you are going to use and be sure that their services are the very best that a cryptocurrency sportsbook can offer.

So, which are the specific criteria you should take into account when looking for a crypto sportsbook?

Two-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication can be one of the most critical factors for your account security. There are no refunds in the blockchain world, so security and authentication are essential.

A two-way authentication means that withdrawal cannot be completed without using an authorized authenticator or your original email address. This means no horror stories like losing Bitcoin.

A wide variety of betting markets offered

You want to have to access all games on the go and be able to bet on a wide variety of them. Most cryptocurrency sportsbooks cover all the main events, and that’s great, but it is wise to look for those who also maybe cover smaller events such as NCAA College Basketball and Football leagues for example.

What are the processing fees?

When using conventional betting, credit card fees and other traditional banking fees are huge and make your wins less lucrative. Most cryptocurrency sportsbooks offer processing of wagers for free.

Type of bets on offer

It is advised to go with a cryptocurrency sportsbook that offer a wide variety of betting options. You want to be able to access head to head bets, teasers, proposition bets as well as combination bets.

Now with all the sporting events going on out there, you can make an informed choice as to which of the top cryptocurrency sportsbook you like the most. The rest is up to you to pick the best players and teams, so you can bring those huge prizes home!

Advantages of Bitcoin betting

The most significant advantage is that the blockchain is 100% secure and transparent. You can place a wide variety of bets anonymously as well and have the peace of mind that you will get your pay outs.

Other factors that make cryptocurrency sportsbooks the best option for sports betting is that there are little to no fees, so you are sure to get more money in your wallet making it an attractive alternative to traditional betting options.

Unlike a credit card or debit card transaction, crypto transactions do not involve a third party for approval of a transaction, therefore, cutting out the potential for a transaction to be blocked.

How to use Bitcoin for sports betting

Many might be surprised to hear that cryptocurrency is now the favorable currency for many of the leading betting platforms. It is favorable for you too because if you choose to deposit and bet with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, not only are there plenty of great sports welcome bonuses available for you, but it also takes less time for your deposit to reflect.

The method of depositing the money is relatively similar to the one you will use when depositing usual currencies. Just be sure to choose Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency of your choice as your method of deposit. Following this will be a screen showing you how much your money will be, converted into bitcoin. There will almost always be a step-by-step process that is easy to follow. 

We would suggest that you use the QR code, or copy and paste the address into your Bitcoin wallet, it leaves less room for mistakes. When given a choice of either using a lower or a higher miner’s fee, we recommend the higher, as it will mean that your transaction will be quicker. It’s possible for the price of Bitcoin to decline or increase after you deposit your money before it can start reflecting. So in the event of a price increase, you will have more credit, and if they decline, you will have less. The process usually takes between 4 to 6 minutes, the most it could possibly take according to mytopsportsbook.com is 40 minutes.

Is crypto sports betting safe?

According to what is considered safe, betting with Bitcoin and crypto is safe. And here is the why: cryptocurrency is connected to blockchain, this is what keeps your information safe from any possible fraudulent activities. Blockchain makes it impossible for anyone to hack into it. According to Amazon, “Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent information sharing within a business network.” According to our research and knowledge, we can almost assure you that cryptocurrency betting is much safer than using traditional currencies.

Bitcoin mobile sports betting

Mobile sports betting is very similar to desktop betting for many platforms. The layout might be a bit different to suit the device in use, but betting with your cell phone doesn’t change much. 

Betting platforms such as Stake.com and Sherbet offer bitcoin betting on cell phones too. If a betting platform offers bitcoin betting through desktop use, then it will most likely offer it through your cellular too. Most betting platforms don’t use apps, but rather websites, in that case, mobile betting is almost always guaranteed. 

How Bitcoin betting odds work

Bitcoin betting odds are no different to other betting odds, the only difference is the currency in use. Most sites give you an option on the layout of the odds, you can usually choose from the following: decimal, fractional, American, Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malaysian. For the best odds possible, you will just need to visit a few different platforms and then find the one that would work for you. 

Bitcoin betting tips

  1. The best thing you can do for yourself is start by finding a trusted platform. Read up multiple reviews on different betting platforms before you settle on the one you like most. It is always best to understand things like how their withdrawal and depositing system works before you put your money into it.
  2. Be realistic, do not set goals that would be too big or seem far fetched in your first few times betting. Start by betting small if you are still learning, and place higher bets as you go.
  3. Before you place any bets, learn more about crypto and understand what you are getting into. You should know how to deposit your money into thes betting platforms, and you should know the risks of certain cryptocurrencies and where they stand in the currency markets so you don’t overly invest into them only to get a lower return
  4. Bet on sports that you understand, if your knowledge is limited on the sport, try to understand the odds a bit better. This includes things like the form of the team or what the underdogs possess that could potentially lead to a win for them.

Highest Bitcoin betting limit

We reached out to two official betting platforms, namely Stake and BetFury, to verify the highest Bitcoin betting limit.

According to BetFury, they do not have a single possible betting limit, as it all depends on the type of sporting event you’d like to bet on. So this means that the betting limit is solely dependent on the sporting event you’re betting on.

On Stake the help centre stated that the limits are set by their odds provider, tournament, matches, markets and user’s level. They also said that the limit is not determined by how much you can wager per bet, but rather the potential profit from a single bet. Basically, if you already made a bet on the same match and market you are trying to bet on again keep in mind that having a bet on it already will reduce the potential profit available for the second bet.

Discover more Bitcoin sports betting sites

If you would like something a bit more specific when it comes to sports betting, as there are so many options.