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If you ever played video games as a child (or young adult or really at any age) I’m sure you have vivid memories of your parents telling you to stop wasting your life on such foolish things. Well, if your parents had known about the future of eSports, they might have sung a different tune.

eSports are an entirely new world of competitive tournaments that include sold out stadiums and millions of dollars in prize money. Not so foolish anymore are they?

In recent years, the eSports world has absolutely exploded and what used to be an activity enjoyed by several friends in a basement somewhere has officially evolved into such events as ‘The International’. This tournament is an annual affair based around the wildly popular PC game Dota 2 and which recently took place in 2014 at the KeyArena Center in Seattle, Washington.

The 2014 International hosted 19 teams from around the world and awarded more than $10million, which is the largest eSports prize pool in history. In case you’re skeptical, no this is not a joke. The International and other similar tournaments such as the World Cyber Games are live events with thousands of fans in attendance and they are nationally and internationally televised as well. The games that are most popular for eSports gaming fall into the first person shooter and strategy genres and include titles like Call of Duty, Starcraft, League of Legends, Street Fighter and of course Dota, as mentioned above.

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How Do You Get Involved with eSports?

There are two main ways to enter the eSports world: playing and betting. The first step is to be a gamer. You can play these games on your own or with friends and eventually build your way up to join tournaments and start competing internationally. Make no mistake however, the teams entering tournaments such as The International aren’t chumps. You’re going to need some skills in order to make a name for yourself in the eSports community. Next, as would be the logical progress of an emerging competitive market, is the option to bet on eSports. Yes, you can actually wager real money (and Bitcoins! More on that in a second) on people playing video games. How else do you think millions of dollars are awarded every year? Many online sportsbooks offer eSports betting options over a wide spectrum of games and events. But let’s cut to the chase – how, and where, can you bet on eSports with Bitcoin?

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