The Best Valorant Crypto Betting Sites

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best places you can bet on Valorant using cryptocurrencies online.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Aug 5, 2022 and Updated Nov 20th, 2023
The Best Valorant Crypto Betting Sites

eSports isn’t just about Dota 2 or League of Legends, it’s time for Valorant to shine. Riot Games is one of the most popular games studios of all time, they’re the software providers behind League of Legends which is widely known as the largest eSports game in the world. In 2020 Riot Games released Valorant, a first-person hero shooter game that quickly made a name for itself in the eSports realm. 

Valorant may not be as established as other eSports such as CS:GO. However, its selection of 18 different characters which each has up to 4 different special abilities makes for an interesting gameplay dynamic regardless of the game mode. 

The learning curb and interesting gameplay dynamic of Valorant have made it one of the most popular crypto eSports betting options in the industry. As Valorant has become more readily available at many of the top crypto casinos, Bitcoin Chaser is about to bring you our most recommended picks for the best Valorant crypto eSports betting sites.

If you are looking for a Valorant betting site with a good cryptocurrency options then BC.Game is a great place to start. With over 100 different crypto coins accepted, whether you wish to bet on Valorant with BTC, LTC, or SHIB, you will find yourself at home at BC.Game. Like a lot of cryptocurrency gambling sites, you can bet on anything at BC.Game, including sports and casino games, on top of esports. To find Valorant matches to bet on enter the ’sports’ platform, scroll down to esports, and select Valorant.


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FortuneJack provides one of the wider ranges of Valorant betting options. Here players can expect to bet on all the major Valorant events with cryptocurrency, including some lower league events as well. Though FortuneJack offers a good range of Valorant coverage, the overall bets you can place on such events aren’t as diverse as our other Valorant crypto betting sites. Where FortuneJack lacks in the variety of bets players can place on Valorant events, it provides an easily understood sportsbook and great coverage on Valorant.


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If you’re looking for an extensive variety of both Valorant events and cryptocurrency options, 1xBit is absolutely a great option. Out of all our top Valorant Bitcoin and crypto betting sites, 1xBit offers the greatest coverage on Valorant. Additionally, one of the most alluring features 1xBit provides is its immense variety of cryptocurrency options which include a total of 30 different cryptocurrencies. 1xBit also provides a vast range of different bets that can be placed on Valorant, however, this can also lead to an overwhelming sportsbook design.


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Cloudbet has made its stake in the Bitcoin and crypto betting realm by becoming the very first online sportsbook to offer Bitcoin betting. Cloudbet offers excellent coverage of Valorant events and provides some of the most competitive betting odds in the entire industry. On top of this, Cloudbet also allows players to make use of a range of Valorant betting options. Here you can bet on a single team to win, make handicap Valorant bets, and you can even bet on overall winners of Valorant tournaments which provide some jaw-dropping odds.


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Not only does BitSler provide a sportsbook design that is extremely easy on the eye, but it also offers a fantastic range of Valorant betting options. Additionally, BitSler allows players to enjoy Valorant crypto betting with just over 20 different crypto payment options which is rather enticing. Overall, with the variety of Valorant events to bet on as well as the range of bets that can be placed on Valorant eSports events, BitSler is easily one of the top Valorant Bitcoin betting sites.


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Gamdom is best known for its wide selection of esports betting options, covering games like CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, and more. One of the many eSports betting games available at Gamdom is Valorant, the next big first person shooter game. There are not many Valorant tournaments currently available on Gamdom, but there are many betting options to take advantage on. You can make handicap bets, make bets on who you think the all round winner will be, as well as the total score a team will get.


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The eSports betting options within Thunderpick provide players with endless betting options and its variety of Valorant betting events are no different. From major Valorant events to B-league events, it’s no wonder Thunderpick has made it to our list of the best Bitcoin and crypto Valorant betting sites. Did we mention that Thunderpick even allows offers eSports quizzes which are held on its discord channel and can allow players to earn prizes for answering questions correctly? Check it out for yourself.


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Tips for Betting on Valorant with Crypto

Though Valorant is an extremely thrilling game to play, it can be rather complex as well, and therefore before you begin betting on Valorant with crypto you should consider a few aspects. Luckily BitcoinChaser has done some of the heavy liftings for you, take a closer look at these tips for Valorant betting. 

Pay attention to in-game economics

Just like in CS:GO, players are required to spend in-game currency to buy weapons in Valorant. If a team has little funds it will greatly affect how they perform in the following round. 

Watch for ultimate abilities

Each agent has an ultimate ability in Valorant and these abilities cost no in-game currency. If a player in a team has unlocked an ultimate ability it will likely bring the team closer to victory, however, it can also be rather situational. 

Game updates and META

META, stands for most effective tactics and due to Valorant being a new game it faces many updates. This will essentially affect the META and they are therefore synonymous. 

Use tools to check eSports statistics

Several online tools can help players check for statistics that will give them a better understanding of features including map stats, stats for agents, and stats for weapons. We recommend using

Watch tournaments and streamers regularly

To truly become proficient in Valorant crypto betting, you’ll need to keep up with everything within the game. The best way to do this is by following the best Valorant players very closely. 


While Valorant is still a rather new first-person shooter game, it has become one of the most popular eSports in the gaming industry and has quickly risen to fame since its release in 2020. This has led to a number of online sportsbooks offering Valorant as an eSports betting option. Today, it’s never been easier to bet on Valorant with cryptocurrency and it’s likely only to become more popular considering its accelerated rise to fame. 

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