BC.Game Launches $BC Token

BC.Game introduces $BC token with 10 billion supply. Learn about airdrops, liquidity pools, and strategic allocations today.

By Dianne
Published Jun 28th, 2024
BC.Game Launches $BC Token

BC.Game, a leading cryptocurrency casino and sports betting site, is set to launch its own cryptocurrency, $BC. This innovative token is designed to enhance user engagement, reward loyal players, and provide a stable and dynamic market environment. Moreover, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting development, eagerly anticipated by the BC.Game community.

The $BC Token Launch

X (Twitter) ignited with news of the $BC token launch, setting the stage for a wave of anticipation. The $BC token launch is strategically structured to benefit both the platform and its community. With a total token supply of 10 billion $BC, significant allocations have been made across various key areas:

  • Community Airdrop: 20% (2 billion $BC) allocated to reward early supporters.
  • Liquidity Mining: 50% dedicated to ensuring efficient trading and market stability.
  • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LDP): 10% (1 billion $BC) for initial liquidity on decentralized exchanges.
  • Advisors: 10% reserved with a 24-month linear vesting period.
  • Marketing: 10% to drive demand through strategic initiatives.

Benefits for BC.Game Players

$BC plans to greatly improve the gaming experience on BC.Game. Users will be able to use $BC for in-game purchases and access exclusive features. The community rewards program, featuring airdrops and other incentives, ensures that active and loyal users receive substantial rewards. Additionally, the extensive liquidity and bootstrapping initiatives promote market stability and growth, instilling confidence among users.

Users Share Their Thoughts

The announcement has sparked excitement within the BC.Game community and crypto gambling industry. They are actively encouraging users to share their feedback on the $BC token launch through their community forum. Here’s what some users had to say:

“Wow, what a surprise when BC launched the BC token. I really look forward to this coin and hope it will help us earn a lot of profit when listed on the exchange and I hope it is stable. Thank you very much, BCGAME.”


“Nice to hear about a new currency! Can’t wait for it!! It’s good to get all rewards in a particular currency!! Best time to enhance the game by launching $BC currency. Go ahead!!”


How to Get the $BC Token

To acquire $BC, players can participate in the community airdrop and liquidity mining programs. Notably, detailed instructions and eligibility criteria will be soon provided on the BC.Game platform. Keep an eye on BC.Game’s official channels for the latest updates on how you can participate and secure your share of $BC!

BC.Game Future Plans

BC.Game looks forward to integrating its token into more platform features. Additionally, it aims to expand through partnerships with other crypto projects and to boost the value of $BC, thereby driving innovation and growth. Known for its wide crypto support, generous bonuses, and top-notch gaming options, BC.Game offers a dynamic betting experience. From industry-leading games to a vibrant sportsbook, it’s the preferred choice for crypto enthusiasts seeking excitement and rewards.


The launch of $BC marks an exciting new chapter for BC.Game and its community. With its innovative tokenomics and user-centric approach, $BC is set to become a leading token in the gambling and crypto casino industry.

Join BC.Game today to be part of this journey and enhance your crypto betting experience with $BC!

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