Crypto Casino With Their Own Gambling Tokens

Some crypto casinos have their very own tokens which give exclusive perks for players to use and gamble with on their site.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Apr 14, 2022 and updated Aug 31st, 2022
Crypto Casino With Their Own Gambling Tokens

Cryptocurrency has been a driving force in the digital era, allowing online users the opportunity to use international digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies ensure speedy transactions with low fees and heightened security. Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency adoption is increasing significantly every passing day. One industry especially has shown great interest in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency casinos have been popping up all over the internet, competing greatly with their fiat contenders. But with fast speeds, low fees, and transparency ensured, it’s safe to say crypto casinos are the best option. 

Some cryptocurrency casinos are really focused on their adoption of crypto, by accepting as many as they can, and some even creating their own. There are casinos that have come out with their own casino tokens, cryptocurrency tokens available on secondary markets that give exclusive benefits to people who use them at the casino. This is truly the epitome of casinos adopting cryptocurrency, and we are so happy to see it happening. We want to share these casinos that have their own crypto tokens. 

Native Casino Tokens

BCD Token

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BC.Game is a fan favorite in the cryptocurrency casino industry, and not just for having a native casino cryptocurrency. They offer an incredible array of cryptocurrencies to deposit, play in, and withdraw with. Their bonuses and promotions are packed full of fun and rewarding opportunities. They have a great selection of games, brought to you by industry-leading providers. They also just came out with a sportsbook, so be sure to check that out too. Their native token is BCD which can be used to play games, tip, coindrop, and rain.


Up to 180% first deposit bonus

CHP Token

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CoinPoker may not be your traditional casino, but they have been bringing quality poker games to gamblers since 2017. They use blockchain technology to bring you decentralized poker powered by cryptocurrency. You can play a variety of provably fair poker games on CoinPoker, as well as enjoy sports betting on their mobile apps. This platform is so passionate about cryptocurrency and poker, that they even made their own in-house cryptocurrency called CHP, or chips. CHP gives you access to CoinPoker promotions, bets, and withdrawal discounts.

WGR Token

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Wagerr is the world’s first private betting app ensured through the use of blockchain technology, making them an innovator in the space. Wagerr is solely a sportsbook, bringing you all the best in sports betting. They allow you to bet on 11 sports categories, with individual events within each, including but not limited to esports, soccer, football, golf, and tennis. Their native casino cryptocurrency is WGR and it is used to execute betting contracts. Wagerr’s escrows also stakes, verifies results, and pays out winners. Check out Wagerr’s section on buying WGR here.

WIN Token

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WINk is another great cryptocurrency casino with its own native casino cryptocurrency. WINk has been around since 2019 and has made a significant impact on the industry already, with more than 900 games to choose from as well as sports betting. They also offer proprietary and provably fair games, which is great to see. They may not have bonuses, but that is rarely an issue when their user experience is so phenomenal. Their native casino cryptocurrency is WIN and it is used on the WINk network to pay fees and facilitate transactions.

TFL Token

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If you like cryptocurrency casinos, then chances are you have heard of TrueFlip. TrueFlip is another fan favorite, holding many features that are favored. Allowing users to take part in brilliant bonuses, promotions, and tournaments. They also have an incredible game selection, packed full of fun and high-quality graphics. Overall a great casino is made even better by its native casino cryptocurrency. Their native casino cryptocurrency is TFL, which has expanded beyond the confines of the casino industry but is still relevant to the platform.


10% cashback

EDG Token

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Edgeless is an interesting cryptocurrency casino, they do not make use of industry-leading software providers. Edgeless brings you proprietary games, meaning all their games are unique to the Edgeless casino. Their games are also provably fair, ensuring every spin result is randomized, which you can confirm. They may not have bonuses, but their jackpot chests make up for anything you may be missing. Their native casino cryptocurrency is EDG, which makes depositing and withdrawing from the Edgeless casino faster, cheaper, and easier.


Jackpot chests: for every $150 you wager, you unlock one chest.

Check Out These Casinos That Have Their Own Crypto Tokens

We love cryptocurrency casinos, they combine the two things we are most passionate about, so seeing a crypto casino create their own cryptocurrency is truly something special.

All the above-listed casinos are icons in the cryptocurrency casino world, for a variety of their own reasons, each with unique features that make them stand out. Whether you are looking for games, bonuses, or sports betting, these casinos bring you it all. We are so happy to be highlighting these incredible casinos and their innovative approach to bringing more to the cryptocurrency community. Using their native casino cryptocurrency tokens bring benefits of their own within the platforms, but you’ll have to check them out for yourself to truly appreciate the effort, time, and thought that has gone into making it all possible.