Blockchain Gambling: Your Guide To Everything 

Delve into the world of blockchain gambling and learn the benefits brought by blockchain technology in every form of gambling.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jan 17, 2023 and Updated Jun 20th, 2023
Blockchain Gambling: Your Guide To Everything 

Blockchain technology has been making waves in a variety of industries, and the world of online gambling is no exception. By utilizing decentralized ledgers and smart contracts, blockchain gambling platforms offer increased transparency, security, and fairness for players. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of blockchain casinos, exploring the benefits of blockchain in every form of gambling. We will also examine some of the most popular blockchain gambling platforms available. Whether you are a seasoned gambler or new to the world of online gaming, this article will provide an in-depth look at the exciting world of blockchain gambling.

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What is Blockchain Gambling?

Blockchain gambling can not be so simply explained as it encompasses any use of blockchain technology within a casino or gambling environment. 

There are so many ways casinos can captivate on this emerging technology, and for this reason, we wanted to highlight a few. The most obvious use of blockchain within a gambling environment is through the acceptance of cryptocurrency. There are even some casinos or betting sites that go further into the use of cryptocurrency by creating their own token to benefit their players. 

Some gambling platforms have also been embracing the craze of NFTs by selling their own on secondary markets, accepting them as payments, or engineering utility NFTs to evaluate their platforms. There are even platforms that provide an immutable ledger, as blockchain intended, to store their provably fair results for all to validate and view. 

And then of course there are casinos in the Metaverse that are making use of almost all these aspects. From crypto acceptance to gambling tokens and more, blockchain gambling holds endless possibilities to better the industry. 

Benefits of Blockchain Gambling

The gambling industry has taken a liking to blockchain for a variety of reasons. These are a few benefits of using blockchain technology in the world of online gambling:

  • Increased transparency: Because all transactions on a blockchain are recorded and stored publicly, it is easy for players to verify the fairness and integrity of the games they are playing.
  • Enhanced security: Blockchain technology utilizes advanced encryption techniques, making it difficult for hackers to access players’ personal and financial information.
  • Greater fairness: With the use of smart contracts, blockchain gambling platforms can ensure that the outcomes of games are determined by algorithms rather than by the platform itself.
  • Lower fees: Because blockchain transactions do not require intermediaries, the fees associated with making deposits and withdrawals on blockchain gambling platforms are often lower than those on traditional online gambling platforms.
  • Anonymity: Some blockchain gambling platforms allow players to remain anonymous, which can be appealing to those who value their privacy.
  • Accessibility: Blockchain technology has the potential to make online gambling more accessible to individuals in countries where it is otherwise restricted.

Blockchain Casinos

As already stated, it’s hard to identify one factor that makes a gambling platform a blockchain casino, but rather hundreds of potential use cases. 

As simple as it gets, a blockchain casino is an online casino platform that either accepts cryptocurrency or utilizes blockchain technology in another form. There are blockchain casinos that accept tons of cryptocurrencies or have created their own native token. There are blockchain casinos that accept NFTs as a payment method or even host their own utility token with loads of player benefits. But there is so much more. 

Blockchain Sports Betting

The sports industry has taken a significant liking to blockchain technology, so of course, the sports betting industry would soon follow. 

Blockchain technology has provided fully automated real-time data capturing and delivery. In addition to the fast, secure, and cheap transactions offered by cryptocurrencies, blockchain sports betting offers a trustless betting system. Enjoy these benefits, alongside past event analytics, bet confirmations, and event monitoring when blockchain sports betting. Improve your sports betting experience with blockchain technology. 

Blockchain eSports Betting

Similar to the sports industry, gaming has been forever changed by blockchain technology, and as such esports has seen significant benefits offered by blockchain gambling. 

Again, blockchain technology has allowed for fully automated real-time data capturing on esporting events. You still get all the standard benefits of cryptocurrency payments, but with some betting-specific advantages too. Blockchain esports betting provides more confidence and increased transparency. With the use of smart contracts and heighten security offered by blockchain technology, you can enjoy esports betting in a safe and fair environment. 

Metaverse Gambling

The introduction of web 3 and a more decentralized environment has been the perfect space for blockchain casinos to grow.

Captivating on the decentralized and transparent nature of Metavserses, blockchain casinos are proving they can blossom under any circumstances. These digital landscapes have embraced cryptocurrency, and thus blockchain technology, for fast, secure, and cheap transactions. Utilizing the digital space means there are few restrictions and more interconnected use cases. Use your Metaverse casino funds to buy wearable NFTs or purchase real-world goods and services. 

NFT Casinos

NFTs have rocked the world of blockchain technology, with celebrities and businesses far and wide jumping on the hype these digital artworks have created.

The gambling industry has found more utility in these tokenized assets, providing their players with ways to earn on and enjoy the craze. From accepting NFTs as payment methods to artworks that increase your wins, to NFT slot games, and everything in between.  NFT casinos have found a way to embrace the evolving industry while still having fun and ensuring customer satisfaction with NFTs that have utility beyond a cool image.

Gambling Tokens

There is more to a blockchain casino than just accepting cryptocurrency, using NFTs, or setting up in the metaverse. Some casinos have created their own blockchain gambling tokens. 

While some cryptocurrencies do offer utility, such as staking rewards or reduced trading fees, these are not necessarily benefits within the casino industry. Thus casinos took matters into their own hands and created their own tokens with unique benefits for their players. These benefits could range from unique promotions to staking rewards, to reduced withdrawal fees, and more. Be sure to take advantage of your favorite casinos’ gambling tokens.

Crypto Wallets for Blockchain Gambling

A crypto wallet allows you to store, send, and receive digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. In the world of blockchain gambling, a crypto wallet is often used to store the digital currency that you will use to make deposits and withdrawals on the platform. Some are better than others, for a variety of reasons, you can learn more about the different types of cryptocurrency wallets in our handy wallet guide

There are several types of crypto wallets to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits. In order for you to get the best idea of each, and how their differences may apply to you, we have individually reviewed some of the most popular. 


To end off our blockchain gambling guide, we thought we would take the time to answer any frequently asked questions you may still want answered. Here are some blockchain gambling FAQs:

What are blockchain casinos?

Blockchain casinos, also referred to as crypto casinos, are online gambling platforms that use blockchain technology digital ledgers to record and verify transactions, allowing for a more transparent and secure way of gambling. They often use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to make transactions, which allows for faster and cheaper transactions.

What is a decentralized casino?

Decentralized casinos are similar to blockchain casinos, ensuring a secure, fair, and safe space for gamblers to enjoy. Decentralized casinos usually also have provably fair games available, avoiding a centralized casino and their results, allowing players to verify the fairness and legitimacy of their game results.

How do blockchain casinos works?

In their most basic form, blockchain casinos are simply casinos that accept cryptocurrency. But with more innovative casinos coming forward, blockchain casinos can range from accepting crypto to creating casino cryptocurrencies to metaverse locations and loads more.

What is NFT gambling?

NFT gambling usually works by having players purchase or win NFTs through a game or lottery, and then use those NFTs to play other games or participate in other forms of gambling. NFT gambling can also include using NFTs as representations of in-game items, which can be used in other games or sold in a marketplace.

Is blockchain gambling legal?

The legality of blockchain gambling depends on where you live and the laws of your country. In some places, online gambling, including blockchain gambling, is legal and regulated, while in other places it is illegal. It is important to note that some blockchain casinos allow you to stay anonymous, as well as using VPNs, could allow you to gamble from anywhere in the world.

Is blockchain gambling anonymous?

Blockchain gambling can offer a higher level of anonymity compared to traditional online gambling because transactions on the blockchain can be made without the need to provide personal information. But some casinos may require KYC or account creation for regulations, so finding a blockchain casino to bypass these personal details is important.