One (Bit)coin To Rule Them All? – Transactions, Forks, Scalability, And Decentralization

A look at the various Bitcoin forks – BCH, BTG, and BSV – and how their unique approaches to scalability have worked so far.

Blockchain Use Cases: Smart Contracts and IoT

Here are a few possible potential use cases for blockchain, and the reasons they may have trouble moving on from the experimental stage.

Blockchain Ledgers 101: Everything You Need to Know

A ledger is a system of recording financial transactions to ensure that all credits, debits and assets are balanced and accounted for. But Blockchain has revolutionized what a ledger can do.

Blockchain & Family Trees

A hot topic in the news recently was the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan… read more

Blockstack: Decentralizing Internet Through Blockchain Technology And Cryptography

The advent of bitcoin brought about a wave of decentralization. Internet enabled the advent of bitcoin,… read more

Blockchain Music, Art and Movies

Bitcoin is just the first one of the huge number of applications that blockchain technology allows…. read more

WeTrust Interview: Blockchain And The Future Of Insurance

Changing the future of insurance, and some other functions that financial institutions carry out is plausible…. read more

Smart Contracts On Bitcoin: The Rootstock Initiative

Rootstock – or RKS – has been experimenting with a side-chain initiative since May 2016 to… read more

Everex Launches Chainy Blockchain Engraving Dapp

Everex, a FinTech and Blockchain development company, is launching its latest venture. This new venture is… read more

Interview With Andrés Rojas Of IBM About Blockchain In Latin America

Bitcoin Chaser staff attended the IBM Cloud Innovation Forum in Bogotá, Colombia, on Friday, December 2nd… read more

From The Creator To The Consumer: Singular DTV

There’s nothing like switching your computer on to relax and catch your favorite series, movies and… read more

Blockchain Tyranny By Consensus Is Not The Enemy

Blockchain projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum accused of deploying a ‘subtly tyrannical’ system by one of the Bitcoin’s most prominent early promoters.

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