Provably Fair Gambling


provably fair gamblingProvably Fair technology is unique to bitcoin gambling and adds to the transparency of bitcoin online casinos by verifying bet outcomes were correct and fair.

The system is based on the fact that bitcoin uses a cryptographic algorithm using hash functions, which are very difficult to decode or break.

How Does Provability Work

The specifics vary a little bit from game to game but the principle is the same for all single player games. Multiplayer games like poker are a little more complicated.

The key to the Provably Fair system is that it uses a cryptographic hash which is considered unbreakable for practical purposes. This ensures that the information sent to the player and casino is unknown and can be deciphered. The way this happens is:

  • The casino creates a seed number for the bet
  • This is hashed and sent to the player
  • The player adds a seed and the bet plays out
  • At the end of the bet the player receives the seed used in the bet
  • If it matches the bet is verified. No interference occurred!

If the casino tried to manipulate the bet in any way the hash function would be changed and the bet would not be verified. For the first time in gambling history a bet payout can be verified by a player in real time!

Can a Provably Fair Casino Cheat

Even though Bitcoin casinos using this technology can’t cheat on a game payout, there are still ways unscrupulous operators can take advantage of players. So it’s always important to do you research before you put your money into any casino. You can see our full list of reviewed Bitcoin casinos to find out who is worth the time and money.


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